JD Certificate - Environmental Law, Science and Policy

JD students who complete a list of required objectives are eligible to apply for the award of a certificate in Environmental Law, Science and Policy upon their graduation from the College of Law.

Review the detailed explanation of the requirements to earn the certificate in Environmental Law, Science and Policy (PDF).

Additional information on course options for fulfillment of the certificate requirements as well as a nonexclusive list of environmental entities in Tucson willing to consider the application of law students to work or volunteer is available here (PDF).
In brief, to earn a certificate in Environmental Law, Science and Policy, a student must:

  • Have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 or better;
  • Demonstrate satisfactory completion of Environmental Law, Administrative Law and a minimum of 11 other units in environmental courses from among those listed on the Environmental program website or approved by the director of the program (students may count up to six environmental law units completed as part of a foreign law degree);
  • Demonstrate that three of the 11 environmental law course credits are received from a course offered in a department, college or school other than the College of Law (though the course may be cross-listed as a Law College course);
  • Complete a research paper on an environmental law topic;
  • Complete the Sustainability and Environmental Policy course, or in lieu thereof, attend and complete a short writing assignment associated with a minimum number of environmental law policy presentations or workshops;
  • Engage in 50 hours of legal practice experience that has as its primary focus an aspect of environmental, natural resources or energy law.

Contact Professor Kirsten Engel at engel@law.arizona.edu for more information and to enroll in the certificate program.