JD Certificate - Environmental Law, Science and Policy

JD students who complete a list of required objectives are eligible to apply for the award of a certificate in Environmental Law, Science and Policy upon their graduation from the College of Law.
To earn a certificate in Environmental Law, Science and Policy, a student must:

  • Have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 or better;
  • Demonstrate satisfactory completion of 17 units in environmental law-related courses. Six of these units must consist of two required courses: Environmental Law and Administrative Law. When calculating units, students may count up to six environmental law units completed as part of a foreign law degree;
  • (Suspended for 2022 graduating students): Demonstrate that three of the 11 environmental law course credits are received from a course offered in a department, college or school other than the College of Law (though the course may be cross-listed as a Law College course);
  • Complete a research paper on an environmental law topic;
  • (Recommended for 2022 graduating students): Enroll in the one-unit full-year (2021-22) course, P/F “Environmental Research and the Law";
  • Engage in 50 hours of legal practice experience that has as its primary focus an aspect of environmental, natural resources or energy law.

Contact Professor Kirsten Engel at engel@law.arizona.edu or Priya Sundareshan at priyaz@arizona.edu for more information.