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For the 2023–24 academic year, the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) Program's student body and members of the University of Arizona Native and Indigenous Law Students Association (NILSA) comprise Native American and Indigenous students from Indigenous nations across the world, and non-Native students, forming a close knit learning community of advocates. The University of Arizona NILSA chapter is consistently one of the largest chapters in the country.

NILSA is close group of law students, faculty, and staff that come together for one purpose: to increase awareness about Native and Indigenous peoples in the James E. Rogers College of Law community and provide education on the legal issues that impact them today. NILSA is made up of Native American, Indigenous, and non-Native members and welcomes anyone who has an interest in learning more about how the law affects tribes, individual Native Americans, and Indigenous people all over the world.

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NILSA Events

The University of Arizona NILSA chapter increases awareness about Native American and Indigenous peoples within the university community in a multitude of ways. Throughout the school year, NILSA organizes events featuring tribal leaders and community activists to increase cultural awareness across campus, hosts college preview days for community college and high school students, conducts fundraisers to bring awareness to Indigenous People's Day, and provides volunteer and internship opportunities to law students interested in working with local Native communities.

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What our members say



"NILSA has helped me during my 1L year by providing support and inspiring me to create a meaningful career that will leave an impact. NILSA has surrounded me with exceptional students and who have supported me through the transition from undergrad to law school. I am most thankful for the work that NILSA members are doing as it inspires and gives me direction for possible career opportunities in my future. I am so thankful to have such incredible mentors at NILSA that have paved the way in IPLP."

Julia Aguilera, JD, Class of 2023


NILSA Leadership

The 2023-24 University of Arizona NILSA Officers are:
Kaylee Sharp Bauer | President
Kayela Willis | Vice President
Zoë Wise | Secretary
Stephanie Costa | Treasurer
Chloe Bevenue | Public Relations Chair
Troi Madison Newman | Social Coordinator

Kaylee Sharp Bauer | President


Kayela Willis | Vice President 


Zoë Wise | Secretary


Stephanie Costa | Treasurer


Chloe Bevenue | Public Relations Chair