2021 National Conference of Constitutional Law Scholars

The third annual National Conference of Constitutional Law Scholars took place March 6, 2021, entirely via Zoom.

Hosted by the University of Arizona College of Law’s William H. Rehnquist Center, the conference goal is to create a vibrant and useful forum for constitutional scholars to gather and exchange ideas. 

The conference organizers are Andrew Coan (Arizona), David Schwartz (Wisconsin) and Shalev Roisman (Arizona).

2021 Keynote Lecture

Jamal Greene, the Dwight Professor of Law at Columbia Law School


Religion/Speech—Distinguished Commentator Melissa Murray
  • Marc DeGirolami—Establishment’s Political Priority to Free Exercise
  • Justin Collings & Stephanie Barclay—Beyond Labels for Religious Liberty
  • Shaakirrah Sanders—Gag with Malice
  • Luke Boso—Anti-LGBT Free Speech

Interpretation—Distinguished Commentator Lawrence Solum
  • Richard Re—Interpretive Permissions
  • Jeremy Telman—Which Part of “Our Law” is Originalism
  • Jason Mazzone & Cem Tecimer—Originalism and Inter-Constitutional Interpretation
  • Stephen Sachs—Originalism as Standard and Procedure

Separation of Powers—Distinguished Commentator Maggie Lemos
  • Rebecca Aviel—Second-Bite Lawmaking
  • Deborah Pearlstein—Lawyering the Presidency
  • Alan Rozenshtein—The Virtuous Executive

Constitutional History—Distinguished Commentator Caleb Nelson
  • Christopher Schmidt—Thirteenth Amendment Echoes in Fourteenth Amendment Doctrine
  • Mark Graber—Korematsu’s Ancestors
  • David Schwartz—Recovering the Lost General Welfare Clause

Racial Justice—Distinguished Commentator Guy-Uriel Charles
  • Evan Bernick—Antisubjugation and the Equal Protection of the Laws
  • Yuvraj Joshi—Racial Justice and Peace
  • Gabriel J. Chin—The Blueprint for Dred Scott

Constitutional Democracy in 2021—Distinguished Commentator Jane Schacter
  • Anya Bernstein & Glen Staszewski—Judicial Populism
  • Gregory Elinson—Divided Parties, Separated Powers
  • Kyle Langvardt—Checking Apex Platforms


Past Conferences

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2019 Keynote - David Straus (Chicago)


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About the Rehnquist Center

The William H. Rehnquist Center on the Constitutional Structures of Government was established in 2006 at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. The non-partisan center honors the legacy of Chief Justice Rehnquist by encouraging public understanding of the structural constitutional themes that were integral to his jurisprudence: the separation of powers among the three branches of government, the balance of powers between the federal and state governments, and among sovereigns more generally, and judicial independence.