Navajo Law Fellowship Program

Monument Valley

Established in 2019, the Navajo Law Fellowship Program provides additional financial aid, mentorship, a Navajo law curriculum, externship opportunities on the Navajo Nation, and bar preparation assistance to Navajo law students attending University of Arizona Law.

Navajo law students attending University of Arizona Law who participate in the Navajo Law Fellowship Program get matching financial aid awards for University of Arizona Law and the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance. Navajo Law Fellowship recipients also receive additional professional development and mentorship opportunities.

Students also benefit from being able to take a course on Navajo Nation law and policy and opportunities to take summer externships at the Navajo Nation.


What our Navajo Law Fellows say


“I am really thankful for the opportunity to be awarded financial support from the Navajo Law Fellowship Program and the Williams Achievement Award. My legal education has changed my life significantly and I am forever grateful to the University of Arizona and the Navajo Nation for their continued support. I look forward to seeing many more scholars come through this program.”

Paulene Abeyta, JD Class of 2021


“My time at University of Arizona Law has been incredible and very tough. Studying the law is not an easy feat, but I feel fortunate to have a diverse list of faculty available and always willing to help with course questions or career guidance. The Navajo Law Fellowship has removed the burden of having to worry about loans, working while attending school, or applying to numerous highly competitive scholarships.”

Stephanie Monroe, JD Class of 2022

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