Arizona Law Review Launches Community Service Initiative, ALR Gives Back

Sept. 11, 2017

Alumni are invited to participate

In August, Arizona Law Review kicked off its new community service initiative, ALR Gives Back.
Second- and third-year ALR members hosted nearly 20 teens from a Tucson youth services organization for a special event at the College of Law. The teens took a tour of the college and learned a little bit about how to interpret laws using the common law definition of burglary: "the breaking and entering of the dwelling of another at night with an intent to commit a felony." The teens argued what constituted "night," "breaking and entering," and "intent to commit a felony."

The highlight of the day came when the students, assisted by ALR members, prepped for and participated in a scripted mock trial, Regina v. Harry Potter, in which Harry Potter was accused of second degree murder in the death of Professor Quirrel. After the jury hung and the judge dismissed the charges, the day wrapped up with a pizza lunch.

This was the first event in what ALR hopes will be a new tradition of service.
"Lots of us came to law school with the intent of helping others, but sometimes that gets lost between school work, internships and clinics, and the job hunt," said Sara WrightALR's senior note editor and the event organizer. "I'm hoping by doing more projects like this, we'll remember why we started down this path in the first place and have the opportunity to make a difference in the community in which many of us will practice."

The next ALR Gives Back project is on Nov. 17, when ALR members will participate in the Chef for a Day program at the Ronald McDonald House and cook a meal for the families staying there. 
Alumni who would like to contribute to that or future service projects should contact Sara Wright at