American Bar Association Names Professor Andrew Coan’s “Prosecuting the President” as Finalist for Best Book of the Year

March 21, 2019

The book is a finalist for the ABA's Silver Gavel Award

University of Arizona Law professor and author Andrew Coan’s book, “Prosecuting the President: How Special Prosecutors Hold Presidents Accountable and Protect the Rule of Law,” has been named a finalist for the American Bar Association’s 2019 Silver Gavel Awards for Media and the Arts.

Silver Gavel Awards recognize outstanding work that fosters the public’s understanding of law and the legal system, in the categories of books, documentaries, magazines, multimedia, newspapers, radio and television.

Coan’s book explains the history of special prosecutors in American politics and places modern-day special prosecutors in historical perspective. The book is the first on the subject aimed at a general audience and Coan is a leading expert on the role and authority of special prosecutors.

“I wrote the book because everyone I knew—and lots of people I didn't know—were desperate to understand how special prosecutors work,” says Coan. “It turned out no one had written a book about them for a general audience. So I decided to do it myself.”

The Gavel Awards winners will be announced on Friday, May 15.

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