College of Law Facilities: COVID-19 Prevention Measures

March 12, 2020
Dear Students,

We recognize that the cornonavirus pandemic may leave some of you uncomfortable with entering populated areas.  For now, campus remains open, and for those of you who come to campus, we'd like to assure you that we are taking active measures to control the risk of contagion here at Law:

  • We recently installed wall-mount hand sanitizers throughout the main building, including in the student kitchen
  • Custodial staff and Law staff are working together to sanitize door handles and frequently touched hard surfaces (eg tables, chairs, and public keyboards) daily
  • We have ordered boxes of tissues for the classrooms
  • We have ordered some large sanitizer pump dispensers and sanitizing wipes.  They are currently on backorder; when they arrive we will place them around the first floor to provide students with convenient access
  • We’ve printed posters with common-sense reminders (“Wash your hands!” “Be a vampire when you sneeze!”) to post throughout the college.

These measures are meant to supplement your own care-taking.  Please wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer when available, and practice "social distancing" by keeping an arm's length or more away from others.  Also without exception please stay home if you are sick.  

Other practical advice to avoid the virus can be found here.


With best wishes for a healthy spring,

Bernadette Wilkinson
Building Manager for the College of Law