Thank you -- adapting, adjusting, & supporting each other

March 25, 2020


The last week has been devoted to the College's most urgent business: getting students and their teachers settled into entirely new virtual classrooms and making sure that they have the support they need. 

Many of you have been an essential part of that transition, and I greatly appreciate your hard work in making this all possible.

I know that all of you are also now living and working under new and difficult circumstances.  Figuring out how to do your jobs from home, caring for loved ones and navigating changes in the midst of ongoing uncertainty are monumental tasks. 

So, first and again, my thanks.  Your work in sustaining college operations has been extraordinary.  Your efforts to care for your colleagues and our students have been noticed and appreciated.  Your willingness to pitch in wherever needed has been a gift. 

As the college settles into our new digital and dispersed reality, we will also begin to return to “normal” operations as much as possible—connecting in small and large teams (thank you, Zoom!), moving forward on programs and projects and synching back up with the rhythm of the school year.

However, I know that as long as we operate in this new mode, there will be new challenges to face and questions that arise.  In addition to the normal email and internal communications like the Bulletin and Day-at-a-Glance, you can see university and college information at  There is also good information for employees at

As we navigate these waters together, please practice self-care.  Continue connecting with each other.  Ask for help when you need it.  Take breaks.  Step outside and take in our beautiful surroundings. 

Finally, I hope that in the midst of everything, you feel pride in your ability to pull together and in the work you have done.  I am proud to work with each of you.  

Stay safe.  And let me and your immediate colleagues know when you have ideas or have special needs. 

And, again, my deepest thanks,