New Safe Return Committees -- Share Your Input

May 22, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

The New Safe Return Committee chairs and I would like to share with you the Committee's progress over the past week.


The New Safe Return Committee (Vanessa Buch, Andrew Coan, Robert Glennon, Jason Kreag, Toni Massaro, Teresa Miguel-Stearns (co-chair), Justin Pidot, Marvin Slepian, MD, and Bernadette Wilkinson (co-chair)) has organized into the following Working Groups -- and has accepted volunteers and invited colleagues to join.  Here are the various Working Groups and their members:   

  1. Communications (Cary Cluck, Teresa Miguel-Stearns, Tracy Mueller, Megan O’Leary)
  2. Events (Corrina Eklund, Laureana Jones, Christina Poletti (student), Bernadette Wilkinson, Bryan Wilson)
  3. Faculty / Instruction / Classrooms (Mike Brooks, Vanessa Buch, Robert Glennon, Jason Kreag, Cathy O’Grady, Susie Salmon, Michael Wagenheim)
  4. Physical Plant (Anizza Alvarez, Faith Liston, Don Tringali, Bernadette Wilkinson, Bryan Wilson; Law Library Task Force: Tim Blackburn, Cynthia Condit, Devan Orr, Travis Spence, Jessica Ugstad)
  5. PPE and Sanitation (same as Physical Plant)
  6. Support to College of Law Community (Rebecca Bargo, Bernadette Wilkinson)
  7. Testing Requirements and Procedures (Andy Coan, Justin Pidot, Marv Slepian)
  8. Workforce (Chris Gast, Karen Kowalski, Toni Massaro, Teresa Miguel-Stearns, Don Tringali)


The New Safe Return Committee is formulating recommendations for the College of Law’s safe return to campus. 

The University has issued broad, high-level Guiding Principles and there is an Implementation Team drafting outlines to help guide the re-opening of campus. We expect to see more specific guidelines from the University in the near future. Until then, the Committee is using the most recent scientific evidence, CDC and NIH guidelines, Pima County data, evolving best practices, and input from our faculty, staff, and students as the basis of their recommendations.

While the College of Law’s initial draft plan is due to the Provost on June 1, we expect that our plan will continue to evolve well beyond June 1 as circumstances change and we receive more guidance from the University.  


If you have any information, thoughts, or questions about our safe return and you would like to share with these Working Groups, please feel free to reach out directly to any of the members. If you prefer to give your input anonymously or aren’t sure which Working Group to contact, please share your thoughts via this form:

We recognize that everyone has a unique perspective and valuable contributions to offer to the Committee. The Working Groups are examining issues such as remote work, shift work, social distancing, needed PPE and sanitation items at work, shared spaces in the College, minimizing contact, COVID-19 testing, event management, and student, faculty and staff sentiment about returning to campus. We want to hear from you on any of these or other issues! No suggestions are too small or too radical. 


On behalf of the entire New Safe Return Committee and the College of Law, we thank you for your patience and contributions to the work of the Committee, and for helping us return in a safe, responsible manner that allows us to continue to deliver an outstanding educational experience.

We hope you all enjoy the long weekend -- and stay safe,

Marc, Bernadette, and Teresa