Fall Reopening -- ramp-up dates

July 31, 2020

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students, 

We write to share with you the most recent communications from the University pertaining to the fall reopening.  This information comes from two sources:

  1. President Robbins’ press briefing yesterday; and
  2. Email from the Provost’s Office to current students.

In both of these communications, University administration set more definitive dates for the three stages of our reopening -- a ramp-up -- while acknowledging that the dates could change depending on the COVID situation in Tucson and on campus.

The On-ramp Approach outlined in both messages:

  • Stage 1: Begins August 17

    • Campus open only for “Hands-on In-Person” classes
    • For the College of Law, only discrete elements of clinics and externships have this designation
  • Stage 2: Begins August 31 

    • Flex In-Person classes under 30 students on campus
    • For the College of Law, this will apply to slightly larger classes than 30 students given our red/blue team plan
    • We will alert faculty and students to which classes fall under Stage 2 designation
  • Stage 3: Begins September 8 

    • Fully open campus
    • All Flex In-Person classes will meet on campus as scheduled per red/blue teams

During the press briefing, Pres. Robbins and Dr. Carmona also shared the positive trends in Pima County providing for an optimistic and enthusiastic approach to the start of the semester.

In every stage of re-entry, the College of Law New Safe Return Plan applies to all persons coming to campus. The Plan includes mitigation such as:

  • Wildcat WellCheck -- questionnaire and temperature check at home before coming to campus
  • Face Coverings -- while on campus
  • And more.  Please review the plan carefully. 

We are still gathering information from the university about the various stages, while putting final plans in place to welcome back our community to the virtual classroom on August 17, and to campus on August 31.  We will all navigate these next steps together.  We will have more information very soon.

We know there are frustrations that come from uncertainty, and the inherently fluid nature of key decisions.  Please consider that everyone is navigating this complex space in good faith, and with attention to the science and data.  

Bear down, stay safe, and have a great weekend! 

Marc, Bernadette, and Teresa

on behalf of the New Safe Return Committee


Extra Info

Additional details and guidance from University of Arizona Law on the novel coronavirus COVID-19.