Classes of ‘22, ‘84 Challenge Alumni to Help Reach Courtroom Giving Goal

April 5, 2022

From established attorneys to soon-to-be grads, LawCats are coming together to make new courtrooms a reality

The University of Arizona Law graduating Class of 2022 has announced they will help support the college’s “A New Day in Court” fundraising initiative as this year’s class gift. 

"The advocacy skills we learn in law school are integral not only to our careers in the law, but also to our personal journeys,” said third-year law student and Student Bar Association President Rachel Romaniuk. “That is why our class chose ‘A New Day in Court’ as this year’s class gift.”  

The Class of 2022 has set the goal of raising $10,000 toward the $4 million needed to reconstruct University of Arizona Law’s two current courtrooms, which were built in the late 1970s. The college’s advocacy program will also be renamed the Thomas Mauet Advocacy Program, in honor of Professor Emeritus and renowned trial expert Thomas Mauet. 

“Members of our class have been advocates in all aspects of their lives throughout law school: by protesting injustice, standing on the picket lines, writing briefs for nonprofits, listening to people who would otherwise not be heard, and even advocating for ourselves through wellness efforts and mental health initiatives,” said Romaniuk. “Our entire law school experience can be described as refining our advocacy and communication skills.”  

The class gift committee aims to have 50% participation from the graduating class, either by donating directly or by recruiting family and friends to donate on their behalf.  

Says Romaniuk, “We hope to be a part of inspiring future students to seek justice by being the best advocates they can be inside and outside of the courtroom." 


“Law school is about honoring lasting relationships as much as it is learning the law.” 

Joining in on the class giving trend is a group of friends from the Class of 1984, who affectionately refer to themselves as “the PALS” (the Party Animals of the Law School). The PALS have united to make a gift to “A New Day in Court” while chatting at the 2021 Homecoming Red and Blue BBQ. 

After learning about the initiative, Jean and Art Gage ('84) felt compelled to challenge the PALS to contribute $10,000 in order to earn a spot in the donor recognition section in the new courtrooms. “We immediately had half of the challenge accepted [during the barbeque],” said Jean Gage, a 1985 University of Arizona graduate and honorary PALS member. “We then started to campaign with other PALS from the class of ‘84, and before long, we reached our goal of $10,000.” 

PALS member Garvey Biggers explains, “Law school is about honoring lasting relationships as much as it is learning the law. After spending much time together navigating our way through law school, we became steadfast friends and we want to recognize our friendship and our experience at Arizona Law, both of which have enriched our lives." 

The Class of ‘22 and the PALS of ‘84 are now challenging their fellow alumni to help transform advocacy at University of Arizona Law by contributing to A New Day in Court.  

Give to A New Day in Court 

To learn more about the A New Day in Court initiative, including donor naming and recognition opportunities or how to organize a class gift, please contact Senior Director of Development Megan O'Leary at or 520-621-8430.