For the Record: Presentations on Access to Justice and Traffic Policing, Expert Insights on Roe v. Wade, Diversity in Legal Education, Water, the use of GRE for Admissions and More

Sept. 29, 2022

Catch up on recent University of Arizona Law faculty accomplishments.

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Griffin Participates in Global Access to Justice Roundtable  

Professor of Law Christopher Griffin took part in the 2022 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Global Access to Justice Roundtable in Riga, Latvia. Griffin’s panel spoke on what works in people-centered services, identifying and sharing best practices, challenges faced and how to fill the gaps in knowledge. 

Bambauer to Join Virtual Panel to Discuss Antitrust  

On Sep. 29, Professor of Law Jane Bambauer will be part of R Street Institute’s virtual panel: What does antitrust legislation mean for security? They will discuss how current antitrust legislation would impact security, possible improvements to lessen concerns and a broader discussion on the need to protect security and privacy even outside of the current legislation. 

Woods Speaks on Traffic Policing to Committee on Revision of the Penal Code 

On Sep. 2, University of Arizona Law Professor Jordan Woods spoke on traffic policing before the CA Committee on Revision of the Penal Code. He gave historical perspective on the policing of traffic infractions. Read comments here.  

Dean Miller Q&A in Arizona Attorney Magazine 

Dean Marc Miller discusses the latest at University of Arizona Law in the September issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine including the LSAT in JD admissions, racial justice, legal innovation and more. 

Bublick Presents at Oxford Conferences 

In July, Professor Ellie Bublick participated in the Torts Conference at Wadham College Oxford, organized in honor of Jane Stapleton, former Master of Christ’s College in Cambridge and Emeritus Professor of Balliol College in Oxford. She joined scholars from Oxford, Cambridge, Australia and the United States, who all wrote and presented papers on topics on which Stapleton’s work has been influential.  

Bublick’s paper was based on Stapleton’s work articulating moral and policy factors that underlie duty analysis in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Employing Stapleton’s approach which focuses on judicial opinions and reasoning, Bublick examined current factors in the duty analysis in the United States. Specifically, she examined more than one hundred state supreme court decisions issued after January 1, 2020, to identify factors at play in contemporary U.S. duty analysis. 

The President of the United Kingdom Supreme Court, Lord Reed, as well as Lord Sales and Lord Burrows, also participated in the conference. 

On Oct. 7, Bublick will present at Oxford's Landmark Cases in the Law of Punitive Damages workshop where she will discuss Mathias v Accor Economy Lodging Inc in-person at Keble College.  

In July 2023, Bublick will be a plenary speaker at the Tenth Biennial Conference on the Law of Obligations, hosted by Western Law and held at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Alberta, Canada.   

In the Media 

Confusion not clarity after ruling to lift 1864 abortion ban 
Sep. 26, 2022 

Pima County Superior Court lifted an injunction on Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban. The court’s decision has allowed conflicting laws to take effect. Director of Empirical & Policy Research Christopher Griffin weighs in. 

Planned Parenthood pauses abortion services, seeks stay of anti-abortion ruling 
Sep. 26, 2022 

Planned Parenthood Arizona is seeking a stay of a Pima County Superior Court ruling that lifted an injunction on Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban.  The court’s decision has allowed conflicting laws to take effect, causing confusion. Director of Empirical & Policy Research Christopher Griffin weighs in.  

Arizona judge revives ban on most abortions after Roe overturned 
The Washington Post 
Sep. 24, 2022 

An Arizona judge revived a ban on abortion that dates back to the mid-19th century, lifting a decades-old injunction that means the procedure is effectively illegal in the state at all times except when a pregnant person's life is at risk. Barbara Atwood, a law professor emerita at the University of Arizona, predicted further legal and legislative wrangling over abortion in Arizona. 

Arizona Law's LAWtina Program Is Helping Latina BA Students Find Path to Law School 
Sep. 19, 2022 

Jessica D. Findley, director of Bar & Academic Success, professor of practice and principal investigator for LAWtina at University of Arizona Law discusses the LAWtina mentoring program, aimed to build confidence in Latina undergraduate students in hopes of creating a pipeline to ultimately improve diversity in the legal profession. 

52% of Law Schools Now Accept GRE Scores for Admission to JD Programs 
Sep. 14, 2022 

Over half U.S.  law schools accept the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) test score for admission to their J.D. programs. University of Arizona Law was the first law school to accept the GRE in 2016. Dean Marc Miller weighs in. 

University of Arizona creates program to make writing wills easier 
Yahoo News 
Sep. 7, 2022  

 A team of University of Arizona researchers made up of experts in artificial intelligence, law and computer science plan to use $750,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop software to make creating and executing wills easier, and avoid the expense of hiring legal help. 

University of Arizona creates program to make writing wills easier 
Sep. 7, 2022 

University of Arizona Law Professor Derek Bambauer discusses a new system created by a team of University of Arizona researchers to make will writing easier. 

The Contentious Vote in Chile That Could Transform Indigenous Rights 
The New York Times 
Sep. 2, 2022 

A proposed Chilean constitution would enshrine some of the world's most extensive Indigenous rights. By some measures, the U.S. is at the forefront of Indigenous rights. Regents Professor Rob Williams weighs in. 

Opinion: The future of America’s water cannot be won without changing America’s farms 
The Washington Post 
Aug. 26, 2022 

An opinion piece calling for "a great leap forward in water conservation strategies" praises the ideas of University of Arizona Law Regents Professor Emeritus Robert Glennon.