Get to Know 2023-24 SBA President Kyran Brown, Class of 2024

Aug. 14, 2023
Kyran Brown

Name: Kyran Brown  
Hometown: Page, Arizona 
Undergraduate degree and institution: Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah), B.A. in Latin American Studies, Minors: History, Spanish, Portuguese, and TESOL 

What first inspired you to pursue a law degree? 

As an undergraduate, I had the great opportunity to intern with an immigration attorney for two summers. She started Alvarado Tsosie Law, PLLC, but her dedication and poise to keep families together through immigration, criminal, and family law showed the marvels of what one attorney could accomplish in the judicial system. I was considering various fields at the time, but she persistently encouraged me to pursue a law degree. 

Why did you choose University of Arizona Law? 

As an Arizona native who wanted to develop a career in Arizona, attending the University of Arizona Law was a goal. I chose it because of its smaller, but more tight-knit, community. Tucson, in addition to its proximity to Phoenix, a federal border, and indigenous lands, on which the University of Arizona sits, made it a desirable area to start a legal career. 

What three words come to mind when you think of Arizona Law? 

Amicable. Innovative. Connected. 

What are your goals as SBA president? 

Arizona Law consists of a well-rounded community from scholars to activists, first-generation students to those coming from another career, and artists to theorists. As SBA President, I encourage the law school community to share their talents and strengths by attending major SBA events and joining a student organization. With the rest of the SBA team, I also want to try and incorporate ideas and activities that will increase student involvement. For example, last year I helped put on FIFA World Cup viewing sessions which connected students through sports and international interests. 

What are you looking forward to this year?  

Arizona Law returned to in-person learning during my first year of law school. It has been fun helping get face-to-face interactions revamped the past two years. This year, I want to continue that enthusiasm and share it with the rising first-year students. I am proud of the leadership that my rising-3L classmates have produced the past two years, and with the addition of an energetic, rising-2L crew, I believe the law school community can experience a year of growth and comradery. 

What do you think everyone should experience as an Arizona Law student? 

Everyone should attend a variety of student-organization events, including those that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Everyone should also attend major SBA events like the Welcome Back Picnic and Barrister’s Ball. SBA Trivia is also a cool event to display your non-legal knowledge. Attending one of the law school courtyard concerts is a must. I would also advocate for students to work with a judge. Law school studies are important, but exploring the sites around Tucson throughout the year is a breath of fresh air. 

Favorite restaurant in Tucson? What do you order? 

My favorite restaurant in Tucson is Churrasco de Brasil Brazilian Steakhouse. The Brazilian-owned restaurant is known for its churrascaria-style (Brazilian barbeque), so you basically try a variety of Brazilian cuts of meat. My favorite cut is picanha com alho, a specific Brazilian cut with garlic. I also love getting a plate of rice and feijoada, topped with farofa. My go-to beverage is their Brazilian Lemonade. 

What are your career goals after graduating from Arizona Law? 

After graduating from Arizona law, my main career goal is to clerk for a judge. I enjoy working with judges. Therefore, I think securing a judicial clerkship would be a priority for me. It would be great to pursue as many judicial clerkships as possible, with the reasonable goal of becoming a career clerk or judge. 

Advice for incoming 1Ls? 

Embrace your identity. Broaden your horizons. Seek to understand and learn from one another. Engage in meaningful conversations that challenge assumptions. Together, create a future that embraces equity, justice, and understanding for all. 

Top three tips for all law students? 

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions, particularly those that other classmates may have. 

  2. Try to get to know your classmates or try to listen and understand why they have the opinions or beliefs they have. 

  3. Continue to develop or adopt new hobbies or skills.