Law Camp Gives High Schoolers a Taste of Law Practice

Aug. 10, 2023
law camp mock trials

This past June, an exceptional group of high school students embarked on a journey of exploration and learning at the James E. Rogers College of Law Summer Law Camp. Hosted by the BA in Law Program team, this immersive camp aimed to introduce young minds to the world of law and justice.  

For three days, students from diverse backgrounds and schools all over Arizona delved into legal topics including contracts law, criminal law, free speech and more, as well as discussions about legal careers. Students also enjoyed demonstration workshops from community partners such as Southern Arizona Legal Aid and Teen Court. The camp was designed to provide a comprehensive experience encompassing interactive lectures, workshops and stimulating mock trials.   

law camp

One of the highlights of the camp was the opportunity to participate in mock trials. Divided into teams, they assumed the roles of lawyers, witnesses and jurors. Their passion for advocacy was on display and it was evident that more than a few future lawyers were in attendance, as well as at least one courtroom sketch artist!  

The camp also visited the Pima County Superior Court, where students observed the morning criminal calendar with Judge Scott McDonald and a mis-trial in Judge Renee Bennett’s courtroom. Judge Bennett then educated students about the role of judges and juries before inviting students to literally get a “view from the bench.”   

law camp with judge Renee Bennett

At the farewell ceremony, the camaraderie that had developed among students was apparent. Many students expressed their eagerness to pursue legal studies and that the camp had kindled a spark. Typical of the students’ responses was this comment from a student exit survey: “Thank you for giving us your time, intelligence and knowledge to each and every one of us throughout the past three days! I am so grateful for the constructive criticism and the feedback we all received during mock trial.”  

Additional Information

If you know a student, attorney or community member who would like to participate in next year’s Summer Law Camp, please reach out to Linus Kafka at