Alumnus Leah Won Named Interim Assistant Dean of Career Development at University of Arizona Law

Jan. 19, 2024

Won previously served in the Career Development Office for more than six years between 2013 and 2019.

Side of Law School building with "College of Law" letters on the side

University of Arizona Law Dean Marc Miller has named Leah Won (‘05) as the interim assistant dean for career development. 

Leah Won

An alumnus of the College of Law, Won previously served in the Career Development Office for more than six years between 2013 and 2019 focusing on post-graduate employment counseling and employer relations. Since 2019, she has been the Assistant Dean of Phoenix Initiatives, supporting college programs in the Phoenix market, and connecting students, alumni, administrators and faculty with Phoenix-area opportunities, employers, organizations and agencies. 

“This role feels like a natural progression of my work at the college,” noted Won. “The chance to support individual students and graduates along their career arcs, all while contributing to the institution's impact, is incredibly motivating.” 

Prior to joining the College of Law staff, Won practiced municipal and school law in the California Bay Area, including as Deputy General Counsel to San Francisco Unified School District. She received her undergraduate degree from Stanford University, where she majored in Public Policy and she is a Teach For America alumni, teaching first and second grades for Arbuckle Elementary School in San Jose, California. 

“With a rich background in both legal practice and career development, and a deep knowledge of the Arizona Law and Arizona legal community, Leah brings a unique blend of experience and dedication to this role,” said Miller. “Throughout her tenure at our college, she has been committed to fostering connections between our college and the thriving legal landscape throughout Arizona while providing guidance and support to our students in their career development journey. Her roots in our community, coupled with her commitment to excellence, make her an ideal choice for this crucial role.

In addition to extensive resources and interviewing opportunities available to all students and alumni, the Career Development Office under Won will continue to counsel current and recently graduated law students through the changing job market as they take their first critical steps into their chosen profession. The office also works directly with a wide range of employers including law firms, public interest organizations, the judiciary, businesses and compliance consultants both throughout the region and nation-wide, to provide ideal candidates and information on hiring trends.

When asked what she is most looking forward to about taking on this new role, Won responded:

“I’m excited to work alongside an incredibly talented counseling team that is philosophically aligned: student outcomes drive our work, employer engagement creates opportunity, and alumni connections provide meaning and support.”