University of Arizona Law Launches Health Law & Policy Undergraduate Certificate Program

Jan. 9, 2024
Aerial of campus

Providing a unique opportunity to explore legal, policy and ethical dimensions within the realm of healthcare, University of Arizona Law will launch its new Health Law & Policy Undergraduate Certificate program this spring. The certificate will be open to all University of Arizona undergraduate students.  

In addition to the undergraduate certificate, the Health Law & Policy Program will continue to offer fully online certificates for all graduate students. 

“We saw a demonstrable interest in health law among undergraduates across a vast range of disciplines in the health sciences, humanities, business and engineering, who are located across the country,” said Director of the Health Law & Policy Program Tara Sklar. “Enrollment in the 15 online undergraduate courses in our Health Law and Policy Program portfolio continued to climb with individual course offerings, and we believe a Certificate in Health Law & Policy is important for students to have the option to add a credential to their resumes and transcripts after successfully completing four courses.” 

The certificate program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers that involve navigating the complex landscape of healthcare, including issues related to access, delivery and reimbursement, long-term care, health information and data security, clinical research and medical product development (drugs, devices, and diagnostics). 

Students can choose any four courses from the Health Law and Policy undergraduate course portfolio, all offered online, asynchronously. This flexibility enables students to tailor their learning experience to align with their specific interests and career aspirations. 

“This new Certificate received strong support from across the University of Arizona and will further position the College of Law as a national leader in educating a whole new class of health law students who will go on to pursue a myriad of careers that intersect with health, healthcare, and health technology. These future students will gain legal knowledge to enhance their employability and success within a complex, highly regulated healthcare industry,” said Sklar. 

The Health Law & Policy Undergraduate Certificate Program will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare regulations and policies. As the demand for professionals well-versed in the legal, policy, and ethical aspects of healthcare continues to grow, this certificate program stands as a valuable asset for University of Arizona undergraduate students seeking to make a meaningful impact in the health sector. 

For more information about the program and to begin the enrollment process, please contact