Simone M. Sepe

Professor of Law and Finance

Professor Sepe's areas of expertise include business organizations, corporate finance, contract theory, and law and economics. His scholarship focuses on corporate governance, corporate finance, and the theory of institutions. He holds doctoral degrees in both law and economics. Professor Sepe practiced banking and finance law at Clifford Chance, an international law firm based in London, and worked as an investment banker at Fortress Investment Group in London and New York.

Curriculum Vitae

SSRN Published Papers

Representative Publications

  • Commitment and Entrenchment in Corporate Governance, 110 Nw. U. L. Rev. 727 (2016) (co-author, with Martijn Cremers & Saura Masconale).
  • The Shareholder Value of Empowered Boards, 68 Stan. L. Rev. 67 (2016) (co-author, with Martijn Cremers).
  • Paying for Risk:  Bankers, Compensation and Competition, 100 Cornell L. Rev. 655 (2015) (co-author, with Charles K. Whitehead).
  • Disentangling Liberalization and Privatization Policies:  Is There a Political Trade-Off?, 42 J. Comp. Econ. 1033 (2014) (co-author, with Filippo Belloc & Antonio Nicita).
  • Lawyers and Fools:  Lawyer-Directors in Public Corporations, 102 Georgetown L.J. 413 (2014) (co-author, with Lubomir P. Litov & Charles K. Whitehead).
  • Intruders in the Boardroom:  The Case of Constituency Directors, 91 Wash. U. L. Rev. 309 (2013).
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  • Ph.D. (Economics) Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, France
  • J.S.D. Yale Law School
  • M.Sc. (Financial Economics) Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse (France)
  • Ph.D (Law and Economics) University of Siena, Siena (Italy)
  • LL.M. Yale Law School
  • Laurea in Giurisprudenza (J.D. ) LUISS University, Rome (Italy)