Students transfer for various reasons. Your current school may not have been your first choice. Your interests or circumstances may have changed, or you may find that you want a school that more closely fits your interests, goals or personality. Often students face these questions in the spring, as 1Ls look back on their first-year experience.

Each fall and spring semester University of Arizona Law welcomes a select group of highly qualified transfer admits. Requirements for transfer are simple, and for 1L and 2L transfers to the JD program, status is identical to that of returning 1Ls or 2Ls.

Why Choose University of Arizona Law

Consider some of the many factors that elevate us as a transfer standout—and contact us at when you’re ready to learn more.

"I decided to transfer to Arizona Law because I wanted to attend a law school that would enable and empower me to make a difference as a lawyer.

I came from a school with a first year (1L) class the size of the entire Arizona Law student body. Although somewhat apprehensive about attending a university in a state I'd never even visited, I was excited for the opportunity.

The students and faculty here have become my family away from home. They not only encourage me, they hold me accountable to be the best student, co-worker, and friend imaginable. I've seen and heard of law school nightmares, but Arizona Law makes dreams come true. It's been almost two years since I got here and I'm still wondering when I'm going to wake up."

-Aaron Gbewonyo, Class of 2015


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JD Transfer and Visitor Admissions Requirements

You may apply to transfer to Arizona Law or to study as a visitor after your first year of law studies. 

  • Completed application and domicile affidavit
    Via the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Includes a non-refundable $65 application fee. Note that disclosure of your social security number is voluntary per privacy law.
  • Personal statement
    Write a personal statement describing your unique characteristics and personal qualities, including education and work experiences, talents and special interests, socioeconomic background, involvement in community affairs and public service, or any other circumstances that have helped shape your life or given it direction (four double-spaced pages or less).
  • Resume
    A resume is one of the best ways to describe the range of your work and volunteer experiences, skills, and interests.
  • Official law school transcript with past and current grades and rank
    Only for 2L transfers
  • Two letters of recommendation from law faculty you’ve studied under
    Please contact if you have questions about acceptable forms of recommendation.
  • Letter from your current dean confirming good standing
  • For visitors, the dean’s letter should also state permission to enroll at Arizona Law and list any conditions limiting units acceptable to your home institution.

Transfer credits awarded will be transferred as pass/fail units and will not exceed those for the same courses/units at Arizona Law. Transfer students must complete 37 graded units after completing the 1L curriculum and 88 units in total. Class rank will be based on grades at Arizona Law.

Key Contacts

Cary Lee Cluck
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
(520) 621-7666

Jennifer R. Kott
Director of Admissions
(520) 621-9949

Nickole Hayward
Program Coordinator for Admissions
(520) 621-8728