Recruiting Schedule

University of Arizona Law representatives will be virtually visiting university campuses, law school fairs and forums throughout the country in the fall and spring. We look forward to connecting with you.

Dates and details will be posted here as they become available.

9/21/2024 Chicago LSAC Law School Forum 
9/23/2024 Toronto LSAC Law School Forum
9/27/2024 Atlanta LSAC Law School Forum
9/28/2024 The 11th Annual National HBCU Pre-Law Summit & Law Expo 2024
9/30/2024 University of Georgia Law School Fair 2024
10/5/2024 Los Angeles LSAC Law School Forum
10/7/2024 USC Law School Fair
10/9/2024 University of Michigan Law Fair
10/17/2024 University of New Mexico 2024 Law School Fair
10/18-19/2024 New York LSAC Law School Forum
10/22/2024 The University of Utah Law School Expo
10/23/2024 BYU Law Fair
10/24/2024 The University of Arizona Law School Expo
10/28/2024 Colorado Law Fair
10/30/2024 University of Nevada, Reno Law School Fair
11/1/2024 University of Oregon Law School Fair
11/2/2024 Portland Area Law School Fair
11/8/2024 Arizona Law Day
11/9/2024 Houston LSAC Law School Forum
11/14/2024 November LSAC Digital Law School Forum — JD-focused