Arizona bar exam passage

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Thomas Zlaket ('65) leads students in their oath of admission to the State Bar of Arizona.

The Bar Exam

The bar exam is a rite of passage for law students across the country. At Arizona Law, students routinely post passage rates well above the state average. And thanks to our innovative February Bar Exam option and our standing as a Uniform Bar Exam state, you have more career opportunities after you pass.

Uniform Bar Exam States

Arizona is a Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) state, meaning that when you take the bar here, you earn a portable score that can be transferred to seek admission in more than 25 other UBE jurisdictions, including Colorado, District of Columbia, Idaho, New Mexico, New York, Utah, and Washington. Get more information on the Uniform Bar Exam, including a current list of UBE jurisdictions here.

February Bar

Under Arizona Law leadership, the Arizona Supreme Court approved a project allowing law students meeting certain criteria to sit for the Arizona bar exam in February of their 3L year, meaning they can potentially enter the workforce immediately after graduation or take the summer bar exam in another jurisdiction. Students who elect this option will participate in an intensive "post-bar curriculum" after the bar and before graduation in May. Learn more by reading our Student's Guide to the February Arizona Bar Exam.

Arizona Bar Pass Rate

(For first-time takers)

July: 76.1% (State average: 69.4%)
February: 74% (State average: 53.6%)

July: 74% (State average: 64.3%)
February: 71.1% (State average: 61.1%)

July: 83.6% (State average: 65.7%)
February: 78.6% (State average: 65.9%)

July: 88.6% (State average: 74.6%)
February: 78.6% (State average: 71.4%)

July: 92% (State average: 80.7%)
February: 90% (State average: 72.2%)

July: 89% (State average: 82.8%)
February: 80% (State average: 71.4%)