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Compliance and Legal Risk Management Concentration

[Learn about the MLS Online with a concentration in complicance and legal risk management.]

We live in a highly regulated economy. To ensure that applicable laws and regulations are followed, private and public employers increasingly rely on legal compliance officers or individuals with compliance expertise, described as “the fastest growing corporate profession in America."[1]

Arizona Law MLS student Ruth Heaton

The MLS with a concentration in Compliance and Legal Risk Management is designed to educate professionals to meet the demand for legal compliance officers and to train those for whom compliance is an important part of their job or career. Supplementing the core legal subjects, this program combines courses offering a nuts and bolts understanding of legal compliance and more specialized courses covering particular business or governmental sectors, including health care, human resources, environmental protection, and banking. This is a highly useful degree to graduates seeking a clear pathway into a legal-oriented profession.

“The MLS program opened just at the right time. I believe compliance and research go hand in hand, and I want to help others in bridging the gap between the two." 

- MLS graduate Ruth Heaton (above), Research Specialist Senior, University of Arizona Cancer Center


LAW 501 - Procedure (3 units)
LAW 502A - American Common Law System I (3 units)
LAW 502B - American Common Law System II (3 units)
LAW 504 - American Public Law System (3 units)
LAW 507 - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (3 units) 
LAW 614B - Corporate Compliance (2 units)


Law 536 - Risk Management and Insurance Law: Elements and Fundamentals (3 units)
LAW 629 - Regulation (3 units)
LAW 621A - Administrative Law (3 units)
LAW 698K or LAW 655P - Corporate Governance (2 units)
LAW 616 - Business Organizations (3 units)
LAW 611G - Law and Finance of Banking (3 units)
LAW 618 - Antitrust Law (3 units)
LAW 658 - Securities Regulation (3 units)
LAW 607B - Investigation: Criminal, Civil, and Internal (2 units)
LAW 643E - Arizona White Collar Law (2 units) 
LAW 643M - Foreign Investment in Developing Economies: Its Regulation and Protection (2 units)
LAW 666A - International Investment Law (2 units)
LAW 655R - Intellectual Property Law (3 units)
LAW 659 - International Human Rights (2 units)
LAW 695K - Election Law (2 units)
ACCT 521I - Business Law and the Search for Non-Obvious Liabilities (3 units) 
ACCT 572A - Accounting for Not-For-Profit Entities (3 units)

Human Resources:
LAW 611B - Employment Law (2 units)
LAW 611A - Employment Discrimination - (2 units)
LAW 695M - ERISA and Employee Benefits Law (3 units)
LAW 614 - Disability Law (2 units)
LAW 611F - Negotiation of Employment Agreements and Separation Agreements (1 unit)
LAW 553 - Immigration Law and Policy (3 units) or LAW 620 - Immigration Law (3 units)
LAW 656D - Education Law (2 units)

Environmental issues:
LAW 669 - Environmental Law (3 units)
LAW 634C - Federal Public Land and Natural Resources Law (3 units)
LAW 696I - International Environmental Law (3 units)
LAW 650C - Energy Law (2 units)
CPH 584 - Fundamentals of Industrial and Environmental Health (3 units)
CPH 655 - Control of Occupational Exposures (3 units)
MNE 541 - Environmental Management and Mine Reclamation (3 units)

LAW 647A - Corporate Taxation (3 units)
LAW 646 or LAW 520I - Federal Income Tax (3 units)
LAW 657 - LLC, LLP, Partnership Tax (3 units)
LAW 649G - Federal Tax Policy (2 units)
LAW 655J - International Taxation (2 units)
ACCT 522 - Advanced Federal Taxation (3 units)

Health Care:
LAW 552 - Health Law (3 units) 
LAW 610 - Health Care Finance and Regulation (2 units)
LAW 654B - Health Care Litigation (3 units)
LAW 654A - Bioethics and Law (3 units)
LAW 635 - Insurance Law (2 units)
CPH 608A - Public Health Law and Ethics (3 units)
CPH 574 - Public Health Policy and Management (3 units)
CPH 523 - Critical Issues in Health Care Organization, Management and Policy (3 units)
CPH 575 - Environmental and Occupational Health (3 units)

Updated: 03/06/2018


[1] Wall Street Journal, “The Hottest Job in America: Compliance Officer”, January 15, 2014; The National Jurist, “10 Hottest Alternative Legal Careers”, February 2015, p. 20.
[2] Up to 6 non-LAW units may be taken. Although not all courses are offered every semester, a list of possible electives can be found on the course schedules pages.  Availability of non-LAW electives is at the discretion of the offering College or Department and may incur additional costs. Additional electives may be approved by the Program Director.