COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated and expanded regularly as university policies shift. Visit and for more information.

Updated August 1, 2022

Operational Policies & Planning

The College of Law will follow the guidance of the University on operational status. Check and read your email for the college’s current status and policies. You can also view the University’s recent communications and COVID website for the most current information.

No, we will (and must) follow the University’s lead in all operational decisions. 

Visit and for the current status, latest communications and COVID-related rules and policies.

The university is closely monitoring university health conditions as well as local, state and federal laws and guidelines. As has been the case since the pandemic began, the College of Law will follow university policies and is prepared to shift operations and classroom and work modalities as needed. The health and wellbeing of our community is our top priority.

The College of Public Health has current information about conditions in Arizona.

Based on current public health conditions and aligned with CDC guidance, the University has updated its face covering policy. Masks are now recommended, but not required, in most indoor spaces including classrooms.

We will continue to require that surgical masks or higher-grade masks be worn:

  • In any building/facility that is operated by or affiliated with the University where patients or human research subjects participating in clinical research are seen in person.
  • In locations where personal protective equipment (including masks) has always been required to maintain safety protocols for situations with high hazards, such as areas where regulated chemicals are used or stored and other laboratory settings.
  • Inside a Cat Tran shuttle or any other public transportation provided by the University as recommended by the CDC and TSA.

Surgical masks are three-ply disposable masks. Higher grade masks include KN95 or KF94 masks.   

The University will provide surgical masks in building front entrances, classrooms, and other large sites. Surgical and KN95 masks will also be provided upon request. Please call the Facilities Management Work Control Desk at 520-621-3000 or contact your building manager

These requirements apply to all faculty, staff, students, designated campus colleagues and visitors to the University of Arizona campus or University locations.

Please contact the Disability Resource Center if you have questions regarding a disability or medical-related condition. 

While individuals cannot require others to wear a mask, given the varying levels of personal risk from COVID-19, we encourage members of the university community to be compassionate towards one another and respectful of each other’s needs. Building access and access to university services cannot be denied based on an individual's decision not to wear a mask where masks are not required. Please contact the Disability Resource Center if you have questions regarding a disability or medical-related condition.

Mitigation efforts on campus include:

  • Recommended use of face coverings indoors when continuous social distancing is not possible.
  • Free vaccinations and COVID-19 testing for faculty, staff and students.
  • Robust contact tracing in the event of student or employee positive cases
  • Use of Oxivir for cleaning and disinfecting which kills the COVID-19 virus
  • Isolation Dorms and student isolation transportation
  • Installation of MERV-13 air filters, wall-mounted hand sanitizers, touch-free paper towel dispensers, toilet seat covers and other facilities enhancements.

The university also offers many Health and Wellness Resources for students and for faculty and staff.

No. Vaccination status is personal health information.

Employees seeking potential work-from-home (WFH) arrangements should first initiate a discussion with their supervisor (and Unit Lead, if applicable). WFH arrangement requests due to an employee’s disability or a medical-related reason will be referred to the University’s Disability Resource Center. 

Review the college’s Work From Home Policy for full details

Workplace Decisions Guidance for Supervisors

Guidance for Employees on Flexible Work Resources and Returning to Campus


We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent you from coming to campus. The college is prepared to work with you to make the appropriate accommodations. Please consult with your supervisor or instructor(s) to make alternative arrangements.

Events, both in-person and remote, will take place at the College of Law this fall. Please work with our events team ( for assistance in hosting a safe and well-planned event.

Food at Arizona Law meetings or events shall be served in one of two ways: 

(1) distributed outdoors where it is safer to remove face coverings and eat together during, before, or after the event; or 

(2) distributed with to-go packaging before or after the event where participants eat outdoors or in a single-person office. 

Please allow this extra time for eating before or after the event when setting your event’s schedule. 

We strongly encourage you to enjoy your meals outside, in our beautiful courtyard, under the big blue umbrellas near our parking lot, or in single-occupancy offices or rooms. Please refrain from eating in common areas indoors.

COVID-19 Testing, Health & Wellness

Everyone is encouraged to test weekly, even if you are vaccinated. For the most up to date information on COVID-19 testing options on campus, please visit the University of Arizona COVID-19 Testing page.

If You Are Asymptomatic
The University offers free, convenient COVID-19 testing options for all students, employees and designated campus colleagues (DCCs) on the Tucson campus and other Arizona locations.

Cats TakeAway Testing is now available in the main lobby of the law school. Visit the TakeAway Testing web page for full details, instructions and FAQs, as the TakeAway tests have specific instructions that differ somewhat from other on-campus testing.

Visit the university’s COVID-19 Testing page for additional test options, scheduling instructions, locations, hours, and FAQs.

If You Are Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms
If you are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, stay isolated and call to make an appointment with Campus Health Services or your healthcare provider.

The Pima County Health Department also offers free COVID-19 testing. See locations and hours.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and our best shot at getting back to normal. The University strongly encourages vaccination to protect yourself and the community. 

Vaccine and booster appointments are available through Campus Health and locations throughout Pima County.

See vaccine details and availability

Vaccine Incentives
Once vaccinated, please upload your vaccine document to help the university track progress towards campus immunity.
You will be automatically entered for a chance to receive incentives like a free parking permit or special access to an Arizona Athletics team practice after you upload your document.

If an employee tests positive, they should inform their supervisor and follow the university’s COVID-19 Workplace Positive Case Protocol For Supervisors. All employees should review and follow this protocol, which includes privacy guidelines.

If you teach or supervise someone who has tested positive, or if you yourself have tested positive, please also fill out this report for the Campus Health SAFER team. Additionally, contact Law’s building manager when a person has tested positive for COVID so that we can get the areas in question sanitized quickly.

If an employee is symptomatic, they should stay home -- or go home -- and contact Campus Health and get tested for COVID.  

If an employee is in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they should follow university-established protocol.

Generally, if a professor becomes incapacitated, another member of the Arizona Law faculty will cover classes until the professor is able to return to teaching. A professor who is unable to enter campus but is able to teach remotely may elect to teach a class or clinic remotely. If this is not feasible then a professor’s absence will be treated just like any other absence due to illness, and alternative arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.The College of Law will follow ABA Standards (see Ch. 3, Sec. 310) for the guidelines on classroom instruction.

Arizona Law will adhere to the University COVID-19 Positive Case Notification Protocol for Students. Additional guidance is found in the Instructor FAQ. All students and instructors should review these guidelines.

Please see the Campus Health SAFER guidelines and forms for self-reporting of a positive COVID test for additional information. 

Classes, clinics, and externships have processes in place to facilitate remote participation if a student is unable to participate in person. Students also have access to customary University and College of Law medical services.


Students should contact Dean Jordan-Curtis, Dean of Students, and she will connect them with resources and work with them in every way possible to help them be successful.

Employees should contact their supervisor and/or the university’s Life&Work Connections team to access support resources

Additional Resources


The university’s COVID-19 Positive Case Notification Protocol for Students includes wrap-around support for the affected student.

Students who become ill should also contact Dean Jordan-Curtis, Dean of Students, and Dean Brooks, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, to discuss accommodations related to the illness and options for completing the semester. A wide array of options are available depending on each student’s individual situation.

Professors and employers are being flexible with students who become ill during the semester. The College is making every effort to work with students so that they are able to complete their work and have a successful semester.


Additional Questions

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