Curriculum & Requirements

BA in Law

From finance to social work to government, there is an increasing demand for professionals with legal training in a wide variety of fields.

The BA in Law degree - a first-of-its-kind program exclusive to the University of Arizona - provides training in critical skills that increase employability across multiple professions.  In addition to social science and policy courses from the School of Government and Public Policy, you will receive a core legal education taught by top law school professor that train you to think like a lawyer in such as areas as:

  • Contracts
  • Criminal and Civil Procedure
  • Property
  • Torts
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law

You may then choose from a wide range of law electives in more specialized areas of the law.  Launch your career early with a legal internship, or qualify for an accelerated path to law school.  

This program offers many opportunities for networking, mentorship, interdisciplinary study, and specialization in a particular area of study.  You may also  choose to double major in Law and another discipline that meets your academic and professional goals.

Curriculum (39 Units)

SGPP Core Curriculum (12 units)

  • POL 201 – American National Government
  • POL 202, 203, 204, 206 or 209 (choose two)
  • SGPP Elective

Law Core Curriculum (12 units)

  • LAW 401 Procedure (civil, criminal, and administrative procedure)
  • LAW 402A The American Common Law System I (torts and contracts)
  • LAW 402B The American Common Law System II (property)
  • LAW 404 The American Public Law System (constitutional and administrative law)

Law Electives (15 units)

See the Law BA Checklist (PDF) for law electives and requirements; check the current catalog for offerings. 

Option: Accelerated Master of Legal Studies Program

See the Accelerated Master of Legal Studies for information about course requirements for admission to, and completion of, the AMP program.

Option: Tribal Courts and Justice Administration Undergraduate Certificate (12 units)

BA students may choose to apply some of their coursework toward a Tribal Courts and Justice Administration Undergraduate Certificate. The certificate is available both to University of Arizona students and to members of the community interested in administering justice in Indian country.

Option: Legal Paraprofessional (LP) Track

BA in Law students may be eligible for licensure as an LP, Arizona's newest tier of legal service provider, by completing the LP track of courses in conjunction with the BA in Law. Interested students must complete the BA in Law curriculum and a suite of courses including:

  • Evidence
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Legal Writing and Research
  • Endorsement related courses and an experiential learning course (internship or clinic)  

See the Legal Paraprofessional (LP) website for more information about Arizona Law LP educational programs and the Arizona State Administrative Office of the Courts website for information about the licensure process.

General Degree Requirements

  • Writing Requirement: Students receiving a “B” or better in ENGL 102, 108, or 109H must complete 1 writing emphasis course from the list below with at least a “B”. Students receiving a “C” or worse in ENGL 102, 108, or 109H must complete 2 writing emphasis courses from the Law BA Checklist (PDF) with at least a “B” in one, and at least a “C” in the other. Taking a writing emphasis course pass/fail will not satisfy this requirement.  Courses marked with an * are writing emphasis courses.
  • Major Upper Division: A minimum of 18 units of upper division major coursework is required. 
  • Residency Requirement: A minimum of 18 units of the Law BA coursework must be taken at the University of Arizona.
  • Fee: All students with junior or senior standing and a declared major in Law will be charged a $900/semester differential tuition until they graduate or start law school.

Contact Information

Keith Swisher
Professor of Legal Ethics; Director, BA in Law and Master of Legal Studies Programs

Mark L.M. Blair
Associate Director, Master of Legal Studies Program; Undergraduate Law Program

Linus Kafka
Assistant Director, Careers and Outreach, Master of Legal Studies Program; Undergraduate Law Program

For questions about declaring the major, scheduling, and degree requirements, contact:

Academic Advisor for Law
Social Sciences 115B

Updated: 5/12/2021