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Become a Legal Paraprofessional

Get the education you need to practice law under Arizona's new limited-scope license.


The State of Arizona's new Legal Paraprofessional (LP) license allows people with specific education and experience to provide legal services in limited practice areas.

The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law offers the educational pathway you need to qualify for the state's Legal Paraprofessional (LP) licensing examination.

  • Represent clients in court and provide legal advice and assistance in approved practice areas
  • This first-in-the-nation program puts you at the forefront of improving access to justice and innovating legal services
  • Get training in one of five LP practice areas: Family Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, or Juvenile Law.
  • The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law is the oldest law school in Arizona, with leading degrees and programs in a wide range of cutting-edge areas of law

Legal Paraprofessional Educational Pathways

The following degrees and LP specific coursework can qualify you for licensure by the State of Arizona. You can pursue Legal Paraprofessional licensure once you complete the MLS or BA in Law at the James E. Rogers College of Law.


If you already have an undergraduate degree, please apply to our Master of Legal Studies program and enroll in the Legal Paraprofessional Concentration or Certificate issued by the Graduate College.

Application Deadlines

  • For Summer Start: May 1
  • For Fall Start: Aug. 1
  • For Spring Start: Dec. 15

Program Highlights

  • Most affordable program statewide
  • Evening classes available
  • No admissions test required
  • 30 units
  • 1 year to complete if enrolled full-time

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University of Arizona BA in Law students may qualify to pursue an accelerated track to the Legal Paraprofessional concentration or certificate in the Master of Legal Studies program. The Accelerated MLS allows you to earn an MLS in just one additional semester after completing your BA.

  • Evening classes available
  • Apply once you have completed 75 undergrad credit hours
  • Minimum 3.3 GPA required

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Students completing a BA in LAW can choose courses that will prepare them to pursue a license as an LP.
In addition to the BA in Law degree requirements, students must choose LP track required courses related to their chosen practice area or students may choose to earn an LP Certificate. The certificate is not a stand alone option, but is a separately issued credential that will require at least 4 LP courses in addition to the BA in Law degree requirements.
Book an appointment with your advisor to discuss the options available for BA in Law students.

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What is a Legal Paraprofessional?

  • A Legal Paraprofessional (LP) is a new tier of legal service provider in the State of Arizona, created by the Arizona Supreme Court and regulated by the Arizona Judicial Council.
  • Designed to help meet the enormous unmet demand for legal services 
  • Similar to a nurse practitioner in the medical field
  • Must meet education and experience requirements and pass the state licensing exam
  • Licensed LPs in Arizona may
    • draft, sign, and file legal documents
    • provide advice, opinions, or recommendations about legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, or strategies
    • appear before certain courts or tribunals on behalf of a client
    • negotiate for a client in their area of practice
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Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law is a proud recipient of a Marshall Foundation grant to fund Legal Paraprofessional education and licensing. In partnership with the Marshall Foundation, two scholarship opportunities have been created. 


Legal Paraprofessional Summit

The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law proudly sponsored the first ever  Legal Paraprofessional Summit in 2023.  It brought together licensed and prospective paraprofessionals, lawyers and judges, and members of the legal community to discuss ways to promote innovation and growth within the profession. The second annual LP Summit--Access to Justice in Action took place on February 9, 2024. 120 people attended in person or virtually and heard from over 20 different speakers on a variety of LP related topics over the course of the day. Plans are already underway for the 2025 LP Summit.  

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