Graduation Convocation 
for JD, MLS, LLM and SJD students

Saturday, May 11, 2019, 2 pm
Centennial Hall 

**Although a ticket is required to enter Centennial Hall, we do not anticipate having to limit the number of guests each graduate may invite. Tickets will be available at Centennial Hall starting at 12:45 pm on graduation day.

Centennial Hall security will check all bags that coming into the venue. Backpacks are not permitted. A complete list of prohibited items is provided here. Allow plenty of time for parking and the queue for your bags to be checked. And remember, Lobby and house both will open one (1) hour before convocation begins and only at the discretion of venue staff.


Keynote Speaker


Convocation Speakers


Arizona Law holds a ceremony separate from the UA Main Commencement ceremony. You may participate in both. Our ceremony includes all students in the SJD, LLM, JD, and MLS classes. 

The College of Law Convocation will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018, at 2 pm in Centennial Hall. The ceremony itself usually runs less than 2 hours. Family and friends are welcome. There is no limit to the number of individuals you may invite, and we expect to have ample room. Tickets will be avaiable at 12:45 in the courtyard in front of Centenial Hall just before the graduation.
Due to fire regulations, each person entering the venue must have a (free) ticket. Because we usually have plenty of seats, tickets will be distributed as people enter the hall. There are not reserved or advance tickets.
As your guests make plans, they should:

  • Remember to book early, as hotels fill up quickly.
  • Factor in additional graduation events. We typically have an awards ceremony and party on Friday before graduation, and some of the curricular programs have special activities starting as early as Thursday before graduation.
  • Make restaurant reservations well in advance.
  • Prepare for warm weather. It is not uncommon for the temperatures to be in the 100s.

Remember: RSVP’ing is professional conduct! 
We may not have adequate space, food or drink available if you don’t RSVP.


In addition to these events, there are separate celebrations for IPLP and Global Programs students. Please watch your email for details if you are a student in these programs. 


If you have questions, contact the people associated with each event.


Times may be adjusted slightly.


Thank your family and friends in the graduation ceremony slideshow
One photo, 20 words, submit by April 29, 2018

Make graduation even more personal and engaging for those you invite to the ceremony by sharing your gratitude for their support. A slideshow will run on the large screen as guests arrive at graduation. It’s called The GRADitude Show.


Each graduating student may have ONE slide featuring a photo and up to 20 words (100 characters). 


Photos are arranged in alphabetical order, regardless of degree program. The slideshow plays in a loop before the formal ceremony starts. We’ll later post it publically so you can view or share with others who couldn’t be at the ceremony. (By submitting a photo you agree to public posting on the College’s website and social media.) See a sample of a previous year’s slide show here.


NEW this year
Each recognized student government organization, club, journal, and moot court team may submit ONE group photo and 20 words (100 characters) of thanks or congrats (in addition to the individual graduate’s submission).


To be included 
Please be prepared to:

1) Add a photo of you (or student group). Make sure that the photo...

  • Is named in this format prior to upload: Lastname_Firstname.jpg or student groupname.jpg.
  • Features you in the picture. If others are in the photo, please get permission from them before posting.
  • Is cropped square or can be cropped square without losing important parts (or people).
  • Is ideally 1275 pixels x 1275 pixels (or 300 dpi/ppi at 4.25” x 4.25”); minimum of 425px x 425px

2) Add up to 20 words of copy (100 characters). In the past, students have included a general thanks, thanked specific individuals, or added a quote to accompany their photo. 


Yes, include me in The GRADitude Show


Upload your content by midnight April 29 to be included in the slide show. If you have difficulty accessing the url, please contact Michael Wagenheim (wagenhei@email.arizona.edu). If you have questions about the acceptability of a photo, please contact Shelly Denman at sdenman@email.arizona.edu.


The GRADitude Show may be posted online, and, by submitting to the The GRADitude Show, you acknowledge that the information may be publically viewed on the Internet.



Updated: 01/24/2018


If you are planning to walk in the College of Law Convocation on May 12th, 2018 at 2:00pm, you will need to obtain regalia before the ceremony.


Regalia information for JD/LLM/SJD

Option A : Borrow your regalia at no cost


Gowns, hoods, and tams:
The Class of 2013 Class Gift was a donation of their regalia for subsequent classes of Arizona Law graduates. Members of the Class of 2018 may borrow from this collection of gowns, hoods, and tams and save the cost of renting or buying regalia.


Regalia distribution is Friday, March 16, 2018. Students who cannot pickup regalia on Friday, March 16 should contact Nancy Stanley.



  • Many students buy a tassel with a 2018 charm as a souvenir of graduation. SBA will be selling these tassles. Details to follow.


Option B: Buy your own regalia

If you decide to buy your own regalia, you may purchase it at the UA Bookstore:

  • Gown: Law Item: W001022 Price: $55.00
  • Hood: Law Item: W000005 Price: $42.00
  • Tam:  6 Sided Black Velvet Item: 2004031 Price: $29.00
  • Please note that these are 2017 prices.


See "Special Regalia" for information on what student groups will be wearing.



Regalia information for MLS students

Information forthcoming.


Caring for your regalia:

How do I care for my gown and hood?
Upon receipt of your graduation regalia, hang up the gown and hood to prevent excessive wrinkling. The gowns are made from polyester: to remove wrinkles, it is best to hang them in a steamy room. If pressing the gown, turn the gown inside out and use a cool iron with a thin cloth between the iron and the gown.  DO NOT IRON ON VELVET. DO NOT WASH OR DRY CLEAN.

Special Regalia



The College does not manage the wearing of additional regalia items such as stoles and honor cords, and does not purchase additional items of regalia from College funds, including from approved budgets.

If your group decides to wear additional regalia, please be sensitive to the financial obligation it might impose on others. No piece of regalia should be deemed or promoted as mandatory. 


However, for the benefit of avoiding conflicting colors and items, these groups have reported that members will wear these items at the May graduation.

Arizona Law Review - custom stoles
Int’l Journal - sage green/white cord, sage green stole
AJELP - dark green cords
Certificate in IP - purple cords
PCLP - blue and maroon cords
SJD - blue and gold cords

SBA - red cords

NALSA - Custom stoles

JET - Silver Cords

Class of 2018 Graduation Day Details



Q: How do I find out about Arizona Law graduation events and activities?
A: Go to the intranet and click on Graduation 2018. You’ll find details and a full schedule of events. We will announce new content in Day-At-A-Glance, so read your email! There is also information about The GRADitude Show (due soon!), a form to RSVP for events (May 1), and information on regalia, if you haven’t already picked it up. 

Q: What’s the difference between ‘graduation’ and ‘convocation” and “commencement”?
A: There are technical differences, but here we have used the words interchangeably.


Q: What if I want to walk in the UA Main Graduation on Friday, May 11? 
A: All graduating students are free to walk in the main ceremony on Friday, May 11 in addition to the College of Law convocation on Saturday, May 12. In particular, dual-degree students may be interested in doing so. Go to the Main UA Commencement page to RSVP and view general information about commencement. If you plan to walk in the main ceremony, please also notify Mary Steed in Dean Miller’s office.



Q: What time do I need to show up, and where? 
A: Please arrive at Centennial Hall, 1020 E. University Blvd. no later than 1:15 pm. Enter through the door on the east side of the building (as though you were going backstage.) There will be a check-in table. Traffic in the area is very congested. Allow yourselves plenty of time. 

Q: What time do guests need to show up? 
A: Centennial Hall doors and seating open at 1:00. Guests will not be able to get into the foyer before 1:00. If your guests decide to line up before that time, please let them know that they will not be able to get into Centennial until 1:00. It will be hot outside, and so we discourage lining up far in advance. 


Q: I heard something about tickets. Do we need tickets? Where do I get them? 
A: Graduating students do need tickets but everyone in the audience does. Tickets will be distributed in front of Centennial Hall starting at 12:45 and as people enter at or after 1:00. Look for staff in red Arizona Law shirts as you approach on the patio.

  • Tickets are not assigned seating. Seating is first-come, first-served.
  • We cannot give out a block of tickets
  • Even children need tickets


Q: Can someone in my party arrive early to save seats? 
A: Yes and no. A guest can save a couple of seats, but will not be able to save more than that. Your guests cannot save blocks or rows, and cannot place reserved signs or items on seats to hold them for others. Centennial Hall ushers are instructed to remove held seating, in the interest of fairness to others.


Q: Is there parking at Centennial Hall? Where should I park? 
A: There is no available parking at Centennial Hall or adjacent UA streets. The nearest UA garage is the Tyndall garage, just south of University Blvd. There are some City of Tucson and UA metered spaces in the surrounding area. See the University parking map
Parking is free in the UA garages, and most zoned lots, but towing policies are in effect for restricted-time parking and other special permits.

  • There is heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic during graduation. Allow plenty of additional time to get through traffic and parked.
  • See the parking map for additional information.
  • We have a very limited number of spaces in an adjacent lot, and all of them are reserved for speakers. There are a few accommodation/disabled spaces, but they are already reserved. Please contact Nancy Stanley if someone needs parking accommodations.
  • There is no charge for meters on weekends


Q: What do I need to bring? 
A: Your regalia and nothing else. No food or drink is allowed except for bottled water. 
There is no place to store purses, backpacks, makeup, a change of shoes, etc. - so don’t bring anything that you can’t carry in the procession. Another College is having a convocation immediately after ours, so you will not be able to return to the backstage area after the ceremony. Some students take a small plastic bag and safety pin it inside their robe with keys and other small items, so they can walk without anything in their hands. (You will also be carrying two cards - described later in this Q & A, and can put them into the bag or carry them in your hands)


Q: What plans have been made for people with special needs?
A: People who have mobility limitations have several options. If a member of your party needs assistance, please contact Nancy Stanley as soon as possible. Centennial Hall facilities are accessible. The entire ceremony will be captioned on a large screen, except for the reading of names. 

Q: What about children, who might have a hard time sitting still? 
A: The graduation ceremony will be streamed on monitors in the Centennial Hall foyer for those who need to take a child out for a break.


Q: Do we “walk” in a particular order? 
A: You will be grouped according to degree program (MLS, JD, LLM, SJD) but do not have an order within those groups. This way you can sit with your friends.


Q: How does the procession work?
A: You arrive at Centennial Hall and check in at the east stage door. Volunteer staff and students will help you with your hoods and gowns and help get you into your degree groups. The procession starts after you are lined up backstage. Faculty will go in before the student group and process to the stage. (Student speakers and performers will process with them.) You will walk out the west stage door around to the front of Centennial Hall and line up at the east doors, where Dr. J-C will lead you in. Once inside Centennial Hall, ushers will direct you to file into rows. Students remain standing until everyone has processed in. 


Q: Where and how are we seated? 
A: Graduating students sit in a block on the west side of the auditorium, close to the stage. Follow usher instructions.


Q: How long is the ceremony?
A: Between 90 minutes and 2 hours. We have recently been on the shorter side.


Q: What is the order of the ceremony? 
A: The program will be posted on this site when completed (before May 1)


Q: I read about needing to carry a 3 x 5 card with me. Explain.
A: When you check in to Centennial Hall, we will give you two cards - an index card for you to write your name in large block letters, and a photo card for Grad Images, which will be taking photos when you walk across the stage. Or you can bring your own index card.


Q: What if my name is hard to pronounce? 
Professors reading the names may reach out to you and ask you to provide phonetic spelling or pronunciation instructions. If your name is commonly mispronounced, please contact the professor directly. Do NOT wait until graduation week!



Q: What about photos? 
A: There are lots of opportunities.

  • Students can take photos backstage. You will then have to carry your phone or camera, though.
  • As you enter the hall for the procession, your guests may take pictures at the top of the aisle. They may not step into the aisle because that would hold up the procession.
  • Your guests may set up a video camera (must be attended) in the marked area on the east side of Centennial Hall close to the stage.
  • Grad Images will take photos of you shaking hands on stage and then as you step off the stage. These will be available for purchase online in a week or two, and you will receive information directly from the company.
  • There will be an Arizona Law photo background at the reception following the ceremony.


Q: Will the ceremony be videotaped? 
A: Yes, and it is posted online within a few weeks. The ceremony will not be streamed.



Q: Where do I return my regalia? 
A: There will be a table at the reception immediately following the ceremony. You can return it anytime during the reception. Do NOT just leave it at the table: make sure it is signed back in.


Q: What if I want to keep my regalia for later pictures, etc? 
A: All regalia is due back to the law college on Monday, May 15, at 5pm. Please return it to room 270 (near the Dean’s office.)




If you have a question not answered here, contact Nancy Stanley. Watch this space for updates.