Law and Economics Concentration


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David Schmidtz, Political Philosopher and Director of the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, at the MLS L&E launch in Tucson.


The Master of Legal Studies with a concentration in Law and Economics will give you an enhanced understanding of law and regulation, economic theory and empirical methods. You will graduate with a strong foundation and knowledge base in contemporary legal and economic issues that will serve you in your career and civic involvement.

This concentration is only available online.

The Law and Economics concentration is offered in partnership with the University of Arizona Center for the Philosophy of Freedom. It is designed to provide the skills needed for professionals whose work involves economic and legal issues, such as high-school teachers, school board members, federal and state employees and state and local legislators. Likewise, it provides foundational knowledge for students interested in pursuing more advanced studies in related fields. 

In particular, this concentration will allow professionals and graduate students to:

  • Gain both general and specialized knowledge of economic theory and empirical economic methods;
  • Learn how to apply basic economic concepts, as well as empirical tools, to assess legal and political issues from both a positive and normative perspective;
  • Further your ability to develop a functional analysis of institutions aimed at addressing relevant policy issues;
  • Gain familiarity with concrete applications of the law and economics method across several private and public law fields;
  • Develop expertise that builds on economics, political theory and philosophy to explore and subject to critical analysis key normative concepts such as rationality, efficiency, justice, welfare and virtue. 

“The Law and Economics concentration will really help you bring economic thought and philosophy and really an economic thinking to your students and help them understand economics through that lens.” - Carrie Ramsey, High School Economics and Business Teacher

Required Core Courses (18 units)

  • LAW 501 - Procedure (3 units)
  • LAW 502A - American Common Law System I: Torts and Contracts (3 units)
  • LAW 502B - American Common Law System II: Property (3 units)
  • LAW 504- American Public Law System: Constitutional Law (3 units)
  • LAW 507 - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (3 units) 
  • LAW 548 - Law and Economics (3 units)

Elective Courses (12 units - choose 4)

  • LAW 513A - The Ethical Entrepreneur (3 units)
  • LAW 513B - Law, Economics, and Civil Society (3 units)
  • LAW 518 - Political Economy, Law, and Experimentation (3 units)
  • LAW 519 - Ethics and Economics of Environmental Policy (3 units)

For course descriptions, please visit the UA Course Catalog

Freedom Center - MLS Scholarship

The Freedom Center is pleased to be able to provide scholarships to students enrolled in the Law and Economics concentration of the James E. Rogers College of Law’s Master of Legal Studies program (“MLS-L&E Program”). Student accepted in the scholarship program can receive 50% tuition support.  You must apply for the scholarship when you apply for the MLS-L&E Program. Learn More