Real-client experience is a critical part of your legal education. So critical that we guarantee that every student wanting a clinic placement can have one.

In our clinics, students work under the supervision of faculty attorneys and veteran practitioners on:

  • actual cases
  • public policy initiatives
  • community outreach and education
  • other projects with significant client impact

Additional clinical opportunities are offered by community partners and student-run clinics. 

At University of Arizona Law, we infuse practical training into everything we do. Our clinics are a core element of ensuring you graduate fully prepared to practice law and seek justice for your clients.

Contact clinics by phone at 520-626-5232 or fax at 520 626-5233.  

Clinic News

University of Arizona Law Clinics

9th Circuit Appellate Representation Clinic
Work with the clinic director in writing briefs and arguing before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Arizona Attorney General’s Office Clinic
Work with assistant attorneys general to investigate and prosecute white collar and criminal enterprise cases.

Child & Family Law Clinic
Provide advice and legal representation to children and adults in a variety of family law matters related to child protection, domestic violence, and child custody disputes

Civil Rights Restoration Clinic
Gain theoretical and practical exposure to the problems faced by persons previously convicted of criminal offenses

Criminal Defense Clinic
Work with various indigent defense agencies in Pima County, directly representing indigent clients

Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Serve as a prosecuting attorney in one of the prosecution offices in Tucson or, with permission of director, in other cities during the summer.

Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Provide intimate partner violence survivors with pro bono legal services and advice, while also connecting clients to needed non-legal service

Immigration Law Clinic
Provide legal representation to immigrants from countries all around the world

Intellectual Property Clinic
Counsel startup and ongoing businesses on securing, maintaining, protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights, including rights in patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights 

International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop
Work on precedent-setting cases representing indigenous communities before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations, and domestic courts in Canada and Belize 

Natural Resource Use and Management Clinic
Work on matters pertaining to water, endangered species, public lands, climate change, tribal lands and resources, and the myriad natural resource challenges that exist in Arizona and the American West. This clinic operates in partnership with other University of Arizona units such as the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Cooperative Extension program.

Tribal Justice Clinic
Serve tribes throughout the Southwest, North America and the world as a tribal judicial clerk, write amicus briefs, develop legal strategies and work beside criminal defenders and tribal prosecutors in courtroom settings

Veterans’ Advocacy Law Clinic
Assist current and former military service members and their families with legal issues, including representing these individuals before local Veterans Treatment Courts and on administrative cases. You will also work on policy issues relating to military service.

Yaqui Human Rights Project
Actively assist the director as counsel to the Traditional Authorities of the Rio Yaqui Pueblos for their Inter-American Commission on Human Rights petition and related efforts to protect and support Yaqui traditional lands, water rights, community public health and economic development.

University of Arizona Innocence Project 
Investigate and litigate wrongful convictions and claims of actual innocence on behalf of inmates throughout the state of Arizona.

Workers' Rights Clinic
Provide free legal assistance to low-wage workers in Southern Arizona

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