Real-client experience is a critical part of your legal education. So critical that we guarantee that every student wanting a clinic placement can have one.

In our clinics, students work under the supervision of faculty attorneys and veteran practitioners on:

  • actual cases
  • public policy initiatives
  • community outreach and education
  • other projects with significant client impact

Additional clinical opportunities are offered by community partners and student-run clinics. 

At University of Arizona Law, we infuse practical training into everything we do. Our clinics are a core element of ensuring you graduate fully prepared to practice law and seek justice for your clients.

How to Register

Applications are open until March 17, 2023. 

Click here to Submit an Application

Visit the Clinic Fair website for more information!

AZ Law Clinics Newsletter

Fall 2022 Newsletter


“The most rewarding experience I had in law school. It allowed me to integrate the practices I learned in my studies with practical courtroom experience.”

Available Clinics 

Arizona Attorney General’s Office Clinic

Child & Family Law Clinic

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Civil Rights Restoration Clinic

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Community Immigration Law Placement Clinic

Criminal Defense Clinic

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Criminal Prosecution & Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic

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Domestic Violence Clinic

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Education Advocacy Clinic


Federal Criminal Defense Clinic

UA Innocence Project

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Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic

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International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop

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Judicial Clerking Program

Natural Resource Use & Management Clinic

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Tribal Justice Clinic

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Veteran's Advocacy Clinic

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Worker's Rights Clinic

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Yaqui Human Rights Project

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