A Clinics Fair, held once or twice a year, allows students to talk informally with clinical faculty.

Law Clinics

Real-client experience is a critical part of your legal education. So critical that we guarantee that every student wanting a clinic placement can have one.

In our "in-house" clinics, students work under the supervision of faculty attorneys or veteran practitioners on actual cases, public policy initiatives, or other projects that have significant client impact. Other clinical opportunities are offered by community partners such as the nationally recognized Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP). Finally, students involve alumni and other lawyers in the community to create student-run clinics.

In-House and Community Clinics
9th Circuit Appellate Representation Clinic
Arizona Attorney General's Office Clinic
Child & Family Law Clinic
Civil Rights Restoration Clinic
Community Law Group (for recent graduates)
Criminal Defense Clinic
Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Immigration Law Clinic
Intellectual Property Clinic
International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop
Natural Resource Use and Management Clinic
Tribal Justice Clinic
Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic
Workers' Rights Clinic
Wrongful Conviction Clinic
Yaqui Human Rights Project

Updated: 02/26/2018