BA in Law Class of 2018: Arizona Track and Field Athlete Hunter Davila Finds Close-Knit Community, Passion for Law as an Undergrad

May 1, 2018

University of Arizona cross country track athlete Hunter Davila didn’t think he could find another close-knit, focused, collegiate community beyond athletics during his undergraduate years. Then he decided to major in law.

“With a little effort, I found it really simple to make connections with my fellow students, professors and other faculty at the College of Law,” Davila says. “With those connections came an expanse of unique law-related events and interactions that I had the opportunity to immerse myself in.”

Davila entered the bachelor of arts (BA) in Law program to help determine whether or not law school would be the right choice for him. He felt the degree would give him an edge over the competition if he ultimately decided to pursue law school. 

He is also taking advantage of the Accelerated Master’s Program, which allows him to earn the BA and also a Master of Legal Studies degree in just one additional semester.

“As a result of this unique program, I’ll come away from my time at Arizona Law having earned two degrees in a total of just four years,” Davila says. “The two degrees will provide an additional and highly valuable dimension to my future pursuits of a legal education.”

Davila is set to earn his undergraduate degree this December and his master’s degree in May 2019.

His advice to those entering the undergraduate law program is to step into your law classes with confidence, as professors are highly approachable and want to see their students succeed.

“These individuals want to see you succeed! My professors have gone above and beyond to ensure the quality of my experience and knowledge gained from my work. Approach the faculty, and they will treat you with the same regard with which they would treat a graduate student or peer,” Davila says.

He has enjoyed the invitations to law school events that allow him to meet more of his classmates, interact with law professors and hear presentations from members of the legal profession, from Supreme Court justices to directors of legal documentaries.

Davila says the degree isn’t just targeted to just those who are thinking of pursuing law school after graduation, and that all undergraduates should consider the major.

“I believe that the BA in Law should be a primary consideration for all entering and continuing students with an interest in a career where exposure to legal knowledge is beneficial,” Davila says.

As to the question of whether to pursue law school? Davila says the exposure he gained to law courses and first-year law school curriculum has reinforced his desire to enter the legal profession.

“Pursuit of a Juris Doctor is a certain component of my future—my time in the BA in Law has only solidified this desire.”