SJD Grad Rosa Meguerian-Faria Reflects on Faculty Commitment to Student Enrichment

May 19, 2020

Name: Rosa Meguerian-Faria   

Degree: Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) in International Trade and Business Law 

Student groups, clinics, awards, etc: 

  • Two Cali awards during my time at Arizona Law For International trade law, and for Legal Analysis, Writing and Research

  • Global Fellow

  • Honorable Mention in The Richard Grand Legal Writing 2018

Undergrad: Federal University of Uberlandia - Minas Gerais, BA in Lawin Brazil, where I practiced law for 8 years before moving to the USA 

Hometown: Brasilia, DF – Brazil. Now I live in Boca Raton, Florida 

What made you pursue your SJD? 
I went to Arizona Law to pursue the LLM in International Trade and Business Law, for which I graduated in May 2016. My plan was to work in consulting soon after graduation. However, I was so taken by the strength of the program that decided to continue and pursue the SJD in International Trade and Business Law 

Why did you choose University of Arizona Law? 
I first came to University Arizona Law because I wanted to work with professors David Gantz and Boris Kozolchyk. The program had such a strong team: Professor Sylvia Lett, Professor Marek Dubovec, Professor Sergio PuigDean Marc Miller, Professor Kathy Barnes, to name a few. They were all instrumental in my decision to continue at the University of Arizona. But I could never forget the staff, so dedicated to the success of the studentsI have never experienced so much support.  

What is your favorite Arizona Law memory? 
When I presented the first version of my dissertation to faculty and students. Seeing the commitment of the faculty, not just my professors and advisors, but from all the other professors, was overwhelming. The faculty had always shown interest in my research; I was always welcomed at discussions and presentations. I could see their commitment to the enrichment of us as students and future colleagues.  

How do you think you’ve changed from your first year here to now? 
I have never considered an academic career, but during my time at University of Arizona Law I become a fellow, which allowed me to teach BA in Law and MLS students. This was such an experience that changed my goals in life. I learned so much about research in law. Finally, I cannot omit the biggest change I experienced: English is my second language, and I always felt it was my biggest shortcoming. However, under the guidance of Professor Sylvia Lett I have improved dramatically and have reached the level of proficiency required to venture in an academic career.  

What will you miss most about Arizona Law? 
The lunches. Almost every day there has been an interesting talk or presentation during lunch time 

What are you most proud of during your time at Arizona Law? 
My successful teaching experiences. The feedback I received from my students and the evaluations were so positive. It was my first time teaching a law class in the USA, the class had over 50 students and I had fun every time I was there, in front of the classroom. Of course, I had prepared for each class and, in the process, I realized that I had received the necessary knowledge and support from my professors.   

What do you wish you would have known your first year at Arizona Law, that you know now? 
How much I would miss my colleagues and classmates. Also, how important it is to be in one of the journals. I thought it would make only sense for JDs, but as an LLM and later SJD, I would have gained the necessary understanding of what editors are looking for when selecting papers for publication.  

What is your advice for students who will be starting their SJD in the fall? 
Start narrowing your research agenda from day one. Also, get to know your classmates. There is such a diversity in the student body that you can only benefit from each other. 

What are your future career goals? 
I am applying for visiting associate professor positions. I want to follow an academic career and teach at a law school. I am currently teaching online and doing research. I have a few multidisciplinary research projects I am working on now. I am writing a paper with an economist from Brazil where we are testing the theory I presented in my dissertation.   

Do you have a message for your fellow members of the Class of 2020? 
Move forward, but always remember where you come from. Take pride in your career and success will be a natural consequence.