Weekly Update on College Safe-Return Planning. May 25 to May 29

May 30, 2020
Dear Colleagues,

Although it was a short week, the New Safe Return Committee has been busy and accomplished quite a bit:

  • Earlier this week, we received from the University a staff-focused draft guidance document. We have attached it here for your convenience. You can also access it on the University’s forums. We encourage you to have a look!
  • In it you will find draft guidance on working arrangements, physical distancing and office spaces, wellness checks, temperature taking, mask-wearing, hygiene best practices, and forthcoming training. There is a sample checklist for supervisors and illustrations on how to make a mask. The Committee is incorporating this guidance into the College of Law plan.
  • Plans are in the works for a series of Arizona Law Town Halls so that you may provide additional input to our College of Law plan. Your many helpful and insightful comments, questions, and concerns have already contributed to the development of the plan, and will continue to do so. We will share the draft plan in advance of the Town Halls.
  • The single-question survey the Workforce Working Group sent out previously is still open and will remain so indefinitely.  We thank you for your input thus far and we look forward to even more.
  • All the co-chairs of the various college planning committees on campus met to share information and begin to mobilize around common concerns and questions. They will be meeting weekly going forward.

Finally, we want to bring your attention to a new weekly series of UA Presidential updates on the Campus Re-entry Plan with President Robbins and various campus leaders:

Have a great, safe weekend,

Marc, Bernadette, and Teresa