Forward Together -- A Message For the Start of This Law School Term

Aug. 16, 2020

Dear Students, Staff, and Faculty,

As we prepare for classes to begin Monday -- tomorrow -- I want to take a moment to acknowledge the reality before us. 

Despite the difficulties we face, I remain hopeful and confident about our year ahead.

To our students—

I know this year is presenting you with challenges and uncertainty that make the already rigorous experience of law school even more demanding. While you may at times have doubts about how to navigate your circumstances, I want to encourage you with two things I believe. First, for both returning and new students, I have seen your resourcefulness, resilience, compassion and wisdom—all qualities that will serve you well in the coming months. Second, you are not alone. The entire Arizona Law community is in this together, and I encourage you to rely on your professors, our staff, our campus and community resources, and each other, now more than ever.

To our staff—

I cannot come close to capturing the scope of your contributions or the strength of your dedication to this community since our world turned upside down in March. You have taken on enormous new responsibilities while keeping the everyday business of the college moving forward. You have shouldered professional and personal adversity amid significant, ongoing change and uncertainty. You have gone above and beyond even while you face diminished capacity and resources. Arizona Law would not be what it is without you.

To our faculty—

In a “normal” year, you are among the best teachers and scholars in the country. In the midst of a global crisis that has completely transformed our profession, you have proven even more exceptional. Whether logging countless hours to create dynamic online learning experiences, devoting your legal expertise to critical COVID-related issues, or mentoring students and graduates, your talent and commitment are remarkable.

I do not know exactly how this semester, this year, will unfold. But I do know that, thanks to each of you, Arizona Law is ready to face what’s next. It won’t be easy, but if an organization’s success depends on the quality and strength of its people, no place is better equipped than Arizona Law.

Stay smart, stay safe, stay connected. We can and will move forward. Together.

And as always, Bear Down.

~ Marc