Responsibility Pledge; No-Visitor Policy

Sept. 28, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Status for the Upcoming Week of 10/5

Campus will remain in Stage 1, with only “essential in-person” classes meeting on campus and all other classes and activities continuing remotely.

Pledge for a Safe Return

Whether you are already on campus for essential business or classes, you will be rejoining us in person when circumstances allow, or you plan on working/learning remotely for an extended period, you have an important role to play in the health and safety of our community.

To help all Arizona Law students, faculty and staff be united and purposeful about protecting each other, now and throughout the pandemic, the Arizona Law COVID Task Force created a Pledge for a Safe Return (attached and online).  This pledge captures the essential behaviors that we’re all responsible for.  Please review the Pledge for a Safe Return.  And thank you for continuing to do your part.

The Pledge is here.

Important Reminder: Arizona Law No-Visitor Policy

Section 5.5 of the College of Law New Safe Return Plan provides:

  1. Except in limited circumstances and with pre-approval from the Dean’s Office or the Arizona Law COVID Task Force, alumni, guests, and members of the public will be prohibited from entering any of the buildings of Arizona Law, including the law library. See Sec. 9.0 for law library information.
  2. This prohibition does not apply to clients of our clinical programs. Clients of the clinical programs who must come to campus will make prior arrangements with the clinic as outlined in section 6.5.

This means that family members, friends, members of the public and other non-law personnel are not permitted in any Arizona Law building.  

Unlike most other UA colleges, we are fortunate to have a relatively insular community and building space. Restricting access to only law personnel and pre-approved essential visitors is an important way to protect everyone’s health and safety.

COVID-19 Reports

Bear Down and Mask Up!

Marc, Bernadette, & Leah

on behalf of the Arizona Law COVID Task Force Implementation Team