COL -- moving from Modified Stage 2 Next Week (Still online) -- to Stage 2 (goal: week of Oct 19)

Oct. 7, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

President Robbins announced in his weekly briefing Monday that the University of Arizona is moving to a modified Stage 2 beginning next Monday, Oct. 12

We and others around campus have been seeking clarity on what this modified stage 2 means for the College of Law.  We are moving forward a step at a time, as we explain, below.

First, for next week -- the Week of October 12 -- we will not change the modality of any College of Law class.  

Second, we are working with the Provost's office, and the University registrar, to confirm that appropriate College of Law classes can move to Stage 2 starting the week of October 19.  We will share any status changes about law classes resuming in-person instruction on campus as soon as possible.

In the original staged reentry plan announced by the university this summer, Stage 2 had all In-Person and Flex In-Person classes with fewer than 30 students resuming in-person meetings.  The university has now bifurcated the Stage 2 reentry, with only fully In-Person classes (classes meeting in-person with no online option) with fewer than 30 students returning next week.  Flex In-Person classes (mix of in-person and online modes – students still have fully online option) are not yet returning to in-person instruction.

Because the College of Law wanted to offer maximum flexibility and an online option for each class, every law class was designated as either Flex In-Person or Live Online (professor teaches everyone online the entire semester).  In other words, none of the law classes were designed "fully In-Person." 

Because of the university decision to move to modified Stage 2, because the law school community needs clear notice to adjust to Stage 2, and because the law school (but not the university) has a fall break this Thursday and Friday (October 8 & 9), for this coming week -- the week of October 12 -- we will follow the University modification and continue in the same Stage 1 mode we have been in.

The handful of essential in-person classes (certain clinics and externships) that were previously approved to meet during Stage 1 will continue meeting during the modified Stage 2. Only students in these essential in-person classes (again, previously so designated) are permitted in law facilities at this time.

Again, as well -- we are working with University leaders to move to Stage 2 at the College of Law starting October 19.  Our goal is to provide clarity to all students, staff and faculty early next week.

Planning Ahead: Return to Campus Checklist

Thinking forward to our next step, please remember to take these steps to keep yourself and our community safe:

  1. Get Tested
  2. Wear a Face Covering
  3. Download the Covid Watch App
  4. Sign Up for Wildcat WellCheck
  5. Review the Arizona Law Pledge for a Safe Return
  6. Get a Flu Shot: Student Flu Shot Clinic | Employee Flu Shot Clinic

COVID-19 Reports






Most recent day




Past 10 days 




Total Testing Window (8/4-10/6)




  • There has been no data showing any disease transmission in classrooms and labs
  • The Rt for the university zip code as of Oct. 1 is a very promising 0.16. The goal is to always keep that number below 1.0. Rt is the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading. 
  • Pima County launched a new COVID-19 data dashboard 
  • COVID-19 Disease Outbreak Outlook in Arizona and Pima County - Oct. 2 (attached) via Dr. Joe Gerald/UA Zuckerman College of Public Health
  • Says Dr. Gerald, “Overall, we are currently in a relatively good spot but complacency is becoming an ever greater concern with the worst case scenario being low adherence to mitigation efforts during peak viral respiratory season.”
  • Weekly COVID-19 Forecast Model Reports 

We hope you enjoy your Fall Break this Thursday and Friday!

Bear Down and Mask Up,

Marc, Bernadette, and Leah

on behalf of the Arizona Law COVID Task Force Implementation Team