Law Library - Stage 2 - Important changes

Oct. 23, 2020

Dear Students,

We look forward to welcoming some of you back – in-person – to your Law Library! We have been waiting and preparing many months to invite you back safely. We look forward to seeing the Red Team beginning Sunday, October 25; and the Blue Team on Sunday, November 1. Your CatCard will grant you access to the College of Law during your assigned week. 

In anticipation of a Stage 2, we’ve made a few changes to keep everyone as safe as possible. Highlights are below, including important changes to access, hours, and seat reservations. Full details are on the Law Library’s Stage 2 webpage. (All the Stage 1 services we implemented will continue into Stage 2, such as scanning and research support.)

But first, before coming to campus, please follow these steps to keep yourself, your fellow students, and the library staff safe and healthy:

Please review the New Safe Return Plan, which was recently updated, for additional details for our safe return to campus.

Access and Hours

The Law Library will be open 24/7 with CatCard access in accordance with red/blue teams. The Circulation Desk hours are 8am to 8pm, Monday through Thursday; 8am to 4pm Friday; and 2pm - 8pm Sunday. Please come into the library only if it is your team's week on-campus. When it is not your week to be on campus, please contact us by phone or email as you have been doing, and we’ll be happy to help. We are planning to offer continued access to the library after Thanksgiving as long as public health data and the University allow.

Face coverings must be worn at all times inside the library and all College of Law buildings. Please observe social distancing throughout the library.

Study Room and Seat Reservations

The Law Library's Study Rooms, Tables, and Carrels can now be reserved in advance or at the moment of access by members of the College of Law community using our online reservation system. Reservations are not required to use any of the spaces or seats, but those with reservations will take priority over those without reservations. You can make your reservation by going to the Student Intranet site, and selecting Law Library Reservations under the Commonly Used Resources list.

Reference & Research Support 

Reference and research support will continue to be available via email or videoconference (by appointment only) Monday - Thursday, 10am - 8pm. Friday 10am - 3pm, and Sunday, 2pm - 8pm. The Reference Desk will remain closed to in-person assistance.

Course Reserves 

For those who want to use print course reserves, they can be found on a cart across from the Circulation desk. Please use the clipboard at the cart to enter information about the book you are checking out.  Books may be used for 2 hours at a time in the library only.  When you are done using your book, please return it to the cart and use the clipboard to note the time returned.  Please return your books timely so others will have the opportunity to use them. Please sanitize your hands and the book covers before using the books; and keep your face covering on at all times while using in order to help protect the next user. Wipe down the book covers after use as well.

Circulation Materials: Check-In and Check-Out 

The library has installed a self-checkout station called meeScan at the front of the library. To use the meeScan device, please download the app available in Apple and Google Play app stores called LawCat SelfCheck. You will be able to sign in with your student ID and then check out books following the steps on the machine. All instructions are at the kiosks. If you need assistance, please ask for help at the Circulation desk. 

There are two computers open for student use for printing and other school needs. Please sanitize them before and after use.


We are looking forward to welcoming you back to campus safely! Please contact us with any questions about access, hours, materials, and more. Remember to stay safe, mask up, and Bear Down!


Warm regards,

Your Law Library Team