Covid19 Update: Blue Team Week, Spring Registration

Nov. 3, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

This week, Nov. 1 -7, is a BLUE TEAM WEEK.  For this week, students on the BLUE TEAM may:

  • Use the Law Library in person.  Please see the Law Library website for complete details on access, hours, and services, including our new library seat reservation system.
  • Use assigned Law classroom space for accessing your online classes.  You can find those assignments on your course schedule in UAccess.  If you are unsure of a classroom assignment, please email Chris Gast at   
  • Study and gather -- physically distanced, masked, and in small groups -- in the college’s indoor and outdoor seating areas.  Please follow all signs and do not move any furniture.

Next week, Nov. 8 - 14 is a RED TEAM WEEK. On those days, RED TEAM students will have these same in-person building access options, while BLUE TEAM students must be fully online.

Please follow all COVID-19 mitigation rules while on campus. Watch the College of Law Reentry video to make sure you know how to be on campus safely.

Spring Registration Next Week

Registration for spring 2021 has been pushed back one week to begin next Monday, Nov. 9. Students, check your “Spring 2021 Registration MegaEmail” from registrar Mike Brooks for details.

While we do not yet know exactly how the spring semester will unfold, we do know that all Law classes will continue to be offered fully online, with asynchronous options.  We are currently determining which classes will also have the flex in-person option.  We appreciate your ongoing flexibility during this unpredictable year.


Return to Campus Checklist

You must adhere to the following rules when returning to campus:


COVID-19 Reports

  • COVID-19 Testing Results from UA COVID-19 Dashboard (all test types, all test sources, all affiliations)
  • President Robbins Campus Reentry Briefing -- Nov. 2
    • The Rt for Pima County has increased to 1.71, and for the university zip code it has increased to 1.25. (Goal is to remain below 1.0)
    • The university is conducting an appointment-only testing blitz Nov. 9-15 in order to identify asymptomatic cases so that everyone can make safe Thanksgiving plans and avoid inadvertently spreading the virus.
    • Review student options for holiday travel
    • The university has seen a spike in large gatherings. We must remain diligent in our safety efforts for the chance to be able to have in-person instruction in the spring.
  • COVID-19 Disease Outbreak Outlook in Arizona and Pima County - Oct. 28 (attached) via Dr. Joe Gerald/UA Zuckerman College of Public Health


The Washington Post had an interesting article today on Covid19 management in Arizona.  One message:  We’re all in this together! 

Thank you for wearing a face covering when on campus.

Bear Down and Mask Up,

Marc, Bernadette, and Leah

on behalf of the Arizona Law COVID Task Force Implementation Team