Fall 2021 Teaching Modalities - JD Courses

July 20, 2021

Dear Students,

As you know, UA returns to in-person teaching and learning in Fall 2021.  The College of Law will follow UA’s guidance, but we will also offer some flexibility in most JD courses for students who continue to face pandemic-related challenges that make in-person learning too burdensome.

Specifically, most (but not all) JD courses will be offered in-person with an asynchronous attendance option.  The asynchronous option is designed only for students who continue to have pandemic-related needs to attend class remotely.  

Examples of pandemic-related needs for asynchronous attendance may include: having school-aged children who continue to attend school remotely because of the pandemic; needing to care for family members who face challenges from the pandemic; ongoing medical conditions that elevate the risk of severe complications from COVID-19; international travel disruptions and delays because of the pandemic, etc.  This list is not exhaustive.  Individual challenges from the pandemic vary from person to person and family to family.    

While we expect that the overwhelming majority of JD students will eagerly return to in-person learning, we understand that the pandemic is not resolved, and we want to be as flexible as we can while still complying with UA’s guidance.  

JD students who need to attend JD courses asynchronously must notify the College of Law Dean of Students office using this link: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_50fzH1BC9MGdJ7E

The Registrar will update our Course Listing on the College of Law website (https://law.arizona.edu/courses) to reflect the updated modality for each of our JD courses.  In addition, a PDF is attached to this email, listing Fall JD courses and their modalities. 

You will see that while most JD courses are in-person with an asynchronous option, some courses will be taught in different modalities.  For example, a small number of JD courses will only offer an in-person attendance option.  In addition, as was the case before the pandemic, a small number of JD courses will be fully online, asynchronous courses.  

Please email the Registrar (law-registrar@list.arizona.edu) if you have questions about your courses or schedule.  

Finally, for those of you who have asked about the teaching modalities for Spring 2022, at this point we do not anticipate being able to offer an asynchronous option for most JD courses.  The flexibility the ABA has granted law schools to respond to the pandemic is currently in place for the Fall 2021 semester.  It is far from certain that we will have the same flexibility in Spring 2022.    

Thank you for reviewing this information.  We’re all looking forward to the start of the semester.  



Marc Miller 

Jason Kreag 

Dr. Willie Jordan-Curtis 

Mike Brooks