After 17 Years as a Registered Nurse, MLS and Health Law Certificate Grad Tenecia Jackson Finds a New Way to Make an Impact in Healthcare

May 17, 2022

“It had been thirteen years since the last time I was in school and had completed my bachelor's in nursing, so I was nervous to get back into that school mindset,” says Master of Legal Studies (MLS) and Health Law Certificate program grad Tenecia Jackson

Jackson, who has spent the past 17 years as a registered nurse, had just relocated to Los Angeles, California in the fall of 2019, when she was approached by a California law school about their MLS program.  

“I had never heard of an MLS at that point,” says Jackson. “But I had always had an interest in the legal field, so I started to do some research.” 

After learning more about the program and how it could help expand her career options, Jackson decided she would pursue the degree at University of Arizona Law, a choice she attributes to the college’s wide range of MLS concentrations, its affordability and the flexibility to complete all her courses online while continuing to work full-time in Los Angeles. 

“Balancing the demands of school with working full time was difficult,” says Jackson. “I look forward to spending my free time after graduation learning how to play an instrument and to return to traveling.” 

Her time in the Health Law Certificate program opened her mind to new opportunities to make an impact within healthcare. With newly acquired legal skills, Jackson is ready to move beyond her successful nursing career and work with her healthcare company’s legal department helping both patients and providers navigate the complex system of regulations that make up U.S. healthcare. 

“My hope is that with this degree I will be able to apply my legal knowledge in future opportunities, within this Healthcare company, in either the legal department, compliance or risk management,” she says.  

Reflecting on her time as a University of Arizona Law MLS student, Jackson remembers how she was questioning herself after attending her first couple of classes, but so glad that she continued to push herself and is now approaching the finish line.  

“I did it!”