Arizona Adjudications Project


Arizona Adjudications Project

Map of Arizona Watersheds

The Arizona Adjudications Project is an initiative of the University of Arizona’s Natural Resource Use & Management Clinic. Claimants in Arizona’s general stream adjudications with small water right claims may apply for limited legal representation.


To be eligible for assistance from the Arizona Adjudications Project, you must:

  • Have a surface water right claim within Arizona’s Gila River Adjudication or Little Colorado River Adjudication.
  • Small land owner.
  • Have no legal representation.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please complete the Request for Assistance below and follow the instructions to submit them to the clinic.

The clinic will review your application and determine whether we can assist you. As a university clinic, we are limited in the types and number of cases we can accept. We appreciate your patience as we review applications.

The Request for Assistance form does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the clinic. Claimants represented by the clinic will enter into a separate agreement.

Contact or (520) 621-6722 for questions about the Request for Assistance form.

Download Request for Assistance