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Your support ensures that our students and faculty can continue to raise awareness and protect the health, safety and economic survival of essential, front line immigrant workers in key industries such as health care, long-term nursing care, agriculture, and food services. The Workers' Rights Clinic provides completely free services and pays all litigation fees and costs. 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the clinic.

Your contribution helps defray the following kinds of expenses: 

$200 Costs of litigation in one case to recover lost wages in cases where workers have experienced wage theft and/or loss of income from lack of required paid sick leave
$300 Travel and other costs associated with a semester's worth of Outreach Presentations in English and Spanish to immigrant community groups throughout the State of Arizona
$500 Costs associated with assisting one immigrant worker-owned cooperative to incorporate within the Arizona so that workers may own their own labor
$1,000+ Training in English and Spanish for Community Health Workers to teach immigrant community members about and how to advocate for their workplace health and safety rights


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