Resource Guide for Students, Shelter in Place

Sept. 22, 2020
Dear Students,


Status for the Upcoming Week of 9/28
Remaining in Stage 1, with only “essential in-person” classes meeting on campus and all other classes and activities continuing remotely.

Student Resources 
Having passed the six-month mark of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, we know that you may be experiencing significant challenges personally, academically and professionally.  In order to help you navigate these challenges, we’re sharing the attached in-depth (though not exhaustive) student resource list assembled by the Community Wellness, Engagement and Support working group of our COVID-19 Task Force. This information will also be added to the Student section of our COVID-19 response website.

This guide includes resources on:

  • COVID testing
  • caregiving
  • mental and emotional health
  • domestic abuse and sexual harassment
  • financial assistance
  • food insecurity
  • housing and utilities
  • immigration
  • pets and animals
  • legal assistance
  • mindfulness

Shelter in Place
The university and the Pima County Health Department issued a shelter-in-place self-quarantine recommendation for all students living on or near campus until Sept. 29. Exceptions include attending essential in-person classes, seeking medical treatment or COVID-19 testing, obtaining groceries/food, attending work and socially distanced outdoor exercise. The recommendation was issued Sept. 14 after a significant increase in positive tests from the university community.

Antibody Testing Now Available for Students
Last week the university announced that all students can now sign up for antibody testing to determine whether you were exposed to COVID-19 in the past and have developed antibodies against the virus. Visit to learn more and to register for antibody testing.


COVID-19 Reports

  • President Robbins Campus Reentry Briefing - Sept. 21 
    • To date: 31,673 COVID-19 Tests; 2,030 Positives; 6.4% Positivity Rate
    • The university’s new COVID-19 Dashboard displays in-depth campus testing data and is updated nightly. 
    • The positivity rate for the past 10 days is 11.1%, with a drop to 6.1% for the most recent day that data is available. The goal is to stay below 5%.
    • The compliance problems are with a minority of the student population, but violating mitigation regulations puts everyone at risk. New initiatives, from education to health services to compliance enforcement, are being implemented.
    • We have the experts, resources and plans in place to keep the university open, but moving forward requires each of us to do our part to keep each other safe.
  • COVID-19 Disease Outbreak Outlook in Arizona and Pima County - Sept.18 (attached) via Dr. Joe Gerald/UA Zuckerman College of Public Health
  • UCSF Department of Medicine Grand Rounds - Sept. 17 - In Search of a Vaccine for COVID-19: Science and Politics
    • World-renowned experts discuss vaccine development, issues related to global vaccine distribution (including issues of equity), why people do and don’t take vaccines, and what can be done to influence uptake rates.

Stay safe and Bear Down,

Marc, Bernadette, and Leah
on behalf of the Arizona Law COVID Task Force Implementation Team 
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