Coronavirus Information for Current Students

The College of Law is planning for mostly in-person classes for the fall 2021 semester. If you have questions about your schedule or class modalities, please contact or your instructor.

Please see your email and the Latest College of Law Communications for important information.

Resources & Support



  • Career advisers are available for Zoom and telephonic appointments. Please schedule appointments using CareerCAT
  • For advice on resume building and job searching in the wake of COVID-19, please see our COVID-19 Resource Guide in the CareerCAT Resource Library


Explore a broader list of resources for those who need support with mental health, caregiving, finances and more.

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Re-Opening Procedure

No, we will (and must) follow the University’s lead in all operational decisions. 

The College of Law COVID-19 home page displays the College’s current operational status at all times and includes links to the latest university policies and updates.

Visit to see the latest university information, including the University’s current and upcoming Instruction Stage (State 1, Stage 2, etc.), policy updates, latest communications and more. You can also watch President Robbins’ weekly reentry briefings at, where he announces the Instruction Stage status for the following week.

If and when the university is in Stage 1 - all classes online - the Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library will only be open to law library staff, in order to protect everyone’s health and to reduce building density as much as possible. During this time, library staff will provide all services remotely.

When some or all classes are meeting in person, the library has expanded access.

Please visit the Law Library website for more information. We are here for you!

Mitigation Efforts

The College of Law is committed to creating a safe learning and working environment.

Mitigation requirements change depending on current health conditions and university and state policies. Visit for the current College of Law building access rules, safety measures, and guidelines.

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the use of face coverings is strongly encouraged at all of our campuses in Arizona, especially during group activities in indoor settings. Face coverings remain required in any building/facility that is operated by or affiliated with the University where patients are seen, including Campus Health and Banner University Medical center buildings. 

Please review the current CDC guidance on the use of masks

Updated July 21, 2021

Yes. Please visit the university’s Test, Trace, Treat page for complete information and testing availability and instructions.

The University is committed to providing wrap-around support for students diagnosed with COVID-19. (Guiding Principles #3.)

Students who become ill should contact Dean Jordan-Curtis, Dean of Students, and Dean Brooks, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, to discuss accommodations related to the illness and options for completing the semester. A wide array of options are available depending on each student’s individual situation.

Please remember there are Emergency Funds for students as well as Faculty/Staff who are struggling financially:

There is also a UA Campus Pantry where any member of our community can obtain free groceries.

Students who live in La Aldea will be asked to isolate in their assigned room since each resident lives in a single room with restroom. However, there may be circumstances where campus health will recommend that a resident of La Aldea isolate in the Babcock dorm, the designated isolation dorm for residential students. Regardless of isolation location, the graduate student will have the same support and resources including tele-medicine and meal plan support if requested.

Students who live off-campus should isolate at home and not return to campus until cleared by their physician. The University has provided the isolation dorm to several students living off-campus, so students should request this option if they like. UArizona provides a comprehensive guide to those isolating at home and telehealth options. We are actively urging University administration to provide assistance such as medicine, meals, and grocery deliveries.

Professors and employers are being flexible with students who become ill during the semester. The College is making every effort to work with students so that they are able to complete their work and have a successful semester. 

Additional return to campus guidance is in the New Safe Return Plan, section 4.7.

Generally, if a professor becomes incapacitated, another member of the Arizona Law faculty will cover classes until the professor is able to return to teaching.  A professor who is unable to enter campus but is able to teach remotely, may elect to teach a class or clinic remotely. If this is not feasible then a professor’s absence will be treated just like any other absence due to illness, and alternative arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.The College of Law will follow ABA Standards (see Ch. 3, Sec. 310) for guidelines on classroom instruction.

Financial Questions

Dean Jordan-Curtis can approve a Leave of Absence request from a 2L or 3L for one semester or one year. A leave request during the course of the semester must be approved by Dean Jordan-Curtis as well as the College of Law Executive Committee. Full withdrawal in the middle of the semester is also subject to University rules, especially pertaining to refunds, which often require medical documentation past a to-be-determined date. 

Incoming students who wish to explore a deferral should contact their respective admissions officer. 

  • JD and JD for Foreign Trained Lawyers: Cary Cluck

  • General and ITBL LLM: Amanda Wolfe

  • IPLP LLM and SJD: Justin Boro

  • MLS: Mark Blair

Please see the College of Law Handbook, Sec. VII, (E) for further information.

Scholarships are handled on an individual basis in tandem with the Leave of Absence or Deferment request. 

The effect of a leave of absence on financial aid and student loans depends on the loan and the lender. Many, but not all, lenders provide students with a six-month grace period. For additional information, please contact your lender. 

You may find this FAQ helpful, too:

No. Any adjustments to tuition must be approved by the Provost and President, who have indicated there will be no changes to tuition for the fall semester.

The faculty and staff are fully committed to supporting the education of law students. Faculty worked over the summer to deliver fall courses in hybrid -- and fully online -- modes. The College offers many of its classes in three formats—in person, live online, and asynchronous—so that students can move from one format to another as they need during the semester. This effort involves more, not less, human and capital resources.

Academic Questions

The spring 2021 JD grading policy uses our traditional letter grading structure, including a mandatory curve for 1L classes and a target mean GPA for upper-level classes. In addition, students can elect to receive a Pass/No-Pass for one or more classes. Students must first communicate this intention to individual instructors by March 26. 

See the full details on the updated grading policy.

The attendance and participation policies are in accordance with University policy. If students have concerns about their attendance or participation, they should address that with their professor as soon as possible.

All Fall 2020 final exams will be conducted online primarily through the Exam4 take home method or within your D2L course site. General examination information will be updated on the college Examinations web page as it becomes available.

 For course specific exam instructions, look for communications from your professor and/or the college Faculty Support office staff.

If a student is experiencing challenges during the semester -- for whatever reason -- they should reach out to Dean Jordan-Curtis immediately and we will work with them to help them be successful this fall however we can.

There is a UA Campus Pantry where any member of our community can obtain free groceries

The library has been working to negotiate discounts on casebooks for our students. Please order directly from the publisher. 

West Academic (including Foundation Press):

We have a 15% student discount code. Students should use the following code at checkout: ARIZONALAW

Also, ebooks are automatically discounted by 25% off the print price on our Webstore.

Wolters Kluwer

You have an option to purchase digital-only access to your Wolters Kluwer Connected Casebook at 40% off the print list price from and receive your access code upon completion of your transaction. Using the access code, register your product at and start using the full e-book (works on any device), practice questions, and learning tools immediately.

Lexis-Nexis (including Carolina Academic Press (CAP) e books):

No special discount available right now. To order an e-case book, follow these instructions:

  1. LexisNexis Bookstore:

    1. Access: One User/One Copy access to individual CAP Casebooks and Study Aids

    2. Purchaser: Law 

    3. students purchase individual titles directly from the LexisNexis bookstore, available here, and receive a link to the eBook via email after purchase.

Authorized users: LexisNexis eBooks are individually licensed for use to one individual and cannot be shared. Additionally, the license to download an eBook from the LexisNexis Download Center is equal to the quantity purchased

Carolina Academic Press(CAP) Print version – Offers a 10% discount and free shipping from the CAP website -

Returning F-1 students will be allowed to pursue their courses remotely (through either synchronous or asynchronous modes of instruction), with no limitation on the number of online credits taken. Students must still maintain a full course load (a minimum of 9 credits for graduation/professional students). 

UA’s International Student Services (ISS) continues to update its website with current information. Students can view the announcement from ISS following the most recent statement from ICE.

We strongly encourage students to monitor their email for additional communications from ISS. As always, ISS will alert students when ICE issues any new guidelines. F-1 students should also notify ISS if their address has changed.