Covid19 Update: We Hear You -- College of Law to Continue Online for Fall 2020

Oct. 23, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We write to share the College of Law’s decisions about 

(1) resuming in-person instruction and 

(2) opening the College’s facilities.  

Please read this message carefully, as it contains critical information addressing the remainder of our fall semester.


Survey Results:  Continuing Online For the Remainder of the Fall Term

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey measuring interest for in-person teaching and learning for the remainder of the semester.  The vast majority of the 207 student respondents and many faculty respondents indicated a preference for continuing online instruction for the four weeks before Thanksgiving break.  (Remember, after Thanksgiving all classes and final exams for the entire University of Arizona will be remote.)  

After considering our reentry options and reviewing the survey results, the College of Law has decided not to add any additional in-person classes for the remainder of the semester.  The only classes that will continue to meet in-person are clinics and externships.  

We understand that for some of you, this news is a relief, and yet for others, it brings disappointment.  We hope this decision at least makes planning for the rest of the semester somewhat easier for everyone.


College of Law Building Reentry & Access

While the student interest for in-person classes was minimal, a significant percentage of students (about 40% of respondents) expressed an interest in accessing the library, classrooms, and other areas of the College. 

The Arizona Law COVID Task Force has recommended, and the Provost has approved, the following modified reentry plan -- which complies with the College of Law’s New Safe Return Plan:

  • Starting this Sunday, October 25, College of Law campus (including the library) is approved for respective red and blue teams.  This week, Sunday Oct. 25 - Saturday October 31, is a RED TEAM WEEK
  • Please Get Tested before returning to campus
  • Wear a Face Covering at all times
  • Review and commit to the college’s Pledge for a Safe Return
  • Watch our short Building Reentry Training video
  • Download the Covid Watch App
  • Complete your Wildcat WellCheck every day
  • Get a Flu Shot: Students | Employees
  • Stay home if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who may be sick
  • No unapproved visitors to the College campus, please
  • Our College has significantly increased outdoor seating areas, covered and uncovered, on the law school campus -- with more coming.  We have reduced seating indoors (including in the library and classrooms) to promote social distancing.  
    • Outdoor seating is flexible and can be relocated to suit your purposes, but please do not move the indoor furniture. 
    • The existing mandates of masking and distancing apply outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Students can utilize assigned classrooms for their currently-online Flex In-person and LiveOnline courses while on campus.  You can find those assignments on your course schedule in UAccess.  If you are unsure of a classroom assignment, please email Chris Gast at

There will be continued access to campus, including the library, after Thanksgiving for those students who remain in Tucson, following the Red Team / Blue Team plan – as long as public health data and the University allow.  See the complete Red Team / Blue Team weekly schedule on our Student Coronavirus Information page.

Team assignments were emailed to every student on Aug. 13 with the subject line, “Red/Blue Team Assignment--Arizona Law New Safe Return Plan.”  If you don’t know which team you’re on, email Chris Gast at

Please review the New Safe Return Plan, which was recently updated, for additional details for our safe return to campus.

We know this semester has been enormously challenging.  Thank you all for your patience, flexibility and perseverance. 

Please continue to share your feedback and questions via the Student Suggestion Box and the Faculty/Staff Suggestion Box.


Bear Down,

Marc & Jason