Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group

A representative of the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group, Professor Seanna Howard, and Professor Robert Williams Jr. testifying before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (left to right) *Photo courtesy of IACHR

Program Details

The Master of Laws (LLM) degree at the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) Program allows students who have completed a Juris Doctor or LL.B. the opportunity to specialize in federal Indian law, tribal law and policy, and Indigenous peoples’ human rights through a full-time or part-time program requiring 24 credit hours of coursework. The LLM in Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy is available in person or online.

IPLP’s LLM trains students to be specialists through rigorous research and advocacy work. LLM graduate students receive professional training to address the complex issues facing Indigenous peoples today, allowing them to develop a proficiency in fields like federal Indian law, Indigenous peoples’ human rights advocacy, environmental law, Indigenous community and economic development, the protection of cultural and natural resources, and critical race theory and practice.

IPLP faculty engage students in human rights advocacy projects and litigation on behalf of Indigenous peoples. Our faculty and students have represented the Rio Yaqui of Mexico, Maya of Belize, the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group of Canada, and other Indigenous and tribal communities in human rights cases and petitions with far-ranging, international reach and impact. For students interested in academic careers, IPLP allows you to conduct pioneering research under the guidance of leading scholars.

Required credit hours: 24
Length to complete the degree (for full-time students): one academic year


Flexible Formats

Earn your University of Arizona Law LLM online, or study with us in person at our Tucson, Arizona campus.

The LLM is offered both full-time and part-time to online or in-residence students.

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What Our Students Say

Professional Headshot  Summer Blaze Aubrey

"I'm extremely thankful for the opportunities, life-long friends, and education I've received here. Learning from some of the most prolific minds in Indian Country is a great privilege that I will never take for granted. The hard transition to law school was also made easier by the great community. It truly feels like a family and a second home. I know I've made the right choice in choosing University of Arizona Law and IPLP as the foundation of my career.”

Summer Blaze Aubrey (Cherokee/Blackfeet), IPLP LLM Alumna (Class of 2021)


The LLM program is designed to provide those who have completed a law degree with a specialization in federal Indian and Indigenous peoples’ law through a full-time or part-time program requiring 24 credit hours of coursework.

Required Courses: In-Person LLM

LAW 527 - International Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples

LAW 631A - Federal Indian Law

Required Courses: Online LLM

LAW 527 - International Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples

LAW 550A - Native American Law and Policy

LAW 540A - Introduction to Human Rights Law

LAW 567 Tribal Courts Practice and Procedure

LAW 568 Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure

LAW 569 Native American Family and Domestic Relations Law

Additionally, international students* must complete:

Law 507  - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research 

Law 685 - Introduction to the U.S. Legal System

*All students who have not earned a previous law degree in the U.S. are required to complete the Introduction to the U.S. Legal System course. Please note that this course does not count towards the 24 credit hours. Students are also required to complete Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research, which does count towards the 24 credit hours. Students who have completed a previous U.S. law degree may request a waiver for this course, depending upon their previous course work.  

Sample Electives

Sample Electives: In-Person LLM

In person LLM students can select from more than 30 courses and clinics in Indigenous law and policy. View IPLP courses.

Sample Electives: Online LLM

LAW 567 - Tribal Courts Practice and Procedure

LAW 568 - Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure  

LAW 569 - Native American Family and Domestic Relations Law 

LAW-643D - Native American Natural Resources

LAW-696I - International Environmental Law

LAW 631D - Rebuilding Native Nations

LAW-504 - The American Public Law System

LAW-507 - Legal Analysis, Writing & Research

LAW-516 - Introduction to Business Organizations Law

LAW-521 - Administrative Law

LAW-542 - Entertainment Law

LAW-544B - Introduction to International Commercial Transactions

LAW-553 - Introduction to Immigration Law & Policy

LAW-553A - International Trade Law & Policy

LAW-554 - Environmental Law & Policy

LAW-555 - Intellectual Property

LAW-558 - Introduction to Criminal Law

LAW-559 - Public International Environmental Law

LAW-578A - Legal & Regulatory Aspects for Health Care Delivery

LAW-579B - Legal & Regulatory Fundamentals for Health Care

LAW-580 - Introduction to Information Privacy

LAW-585 - Introduction to Legal Systems

LAW-614B - Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

LAW-617 - Corporate Finance

LAW-640 - Comparative Mining Law

LAW-640A - Public Lands & Mining Law

LAW-640E - International Mining Health Law & Practice

LAW-640G - Introduction to the International Mining Industry                                                                                      

LAW-640H - Global Mining Tax Law, Policy & Disclosure/Sustainability

LAW-655F - International Intellectual Property

LAW-689 - Advanced Legal Research

LAW-689B - Administrative Law Research

LAW-697E - International Intellectual Property

MNE-697B - Corporate Organization & Governance in Mining

MNE-697F - Valuation of Mineral Assets & Projects

MNE-697G - Acquisition & Financing of Mineral Projects

MNE-697P - The Emerging Framework for Development of Mineral Resources

Key Contact

Justin Boro
Assistant Director, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program

Phone: 520-626-9224
Email Justin Boro
Office Number: RH 305