BAS Cyber Operations, Law & Policy + Accelerated MLS

Earn your Bachelor of Applied Science in Cyber Operations, Law & Policy and then your Master of Legal Studies in as little as one additional semester.*

Qualified University of Arizona Bachelor of Applied Science, Cyber Operations Law & Policy students have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated track to a Master of Legal Studies (MLS), a one-year degree for legal industry professionals.

After being accepted into the accelerated master’s program, students take 12 units of foundational law courses at the graduate level (which count towards both the BAS in Cyber Operations, Law & Policy Emphasis and the MLS). After earning the BAS, students then take an additional 18 units in Legal Analysis, Research and Writing, and upper-level law electives with Juris Doctor students.

MLS students may choose to focus on a certain discipline through a specialized program (such as family law, criminal law, or environmental law), or pursue self-designed curriculum in their area of interest (such as immigration, business law, employment law, or patent law).

Upon graduation, MLS students will be well-equipped to pursue law-related careers that do not require a Juris Doctor, such as compliance officers, human resources professionals, immigration officers, information privacy professionals, court personnel, victim advocates, or patent agents.


Sample Academic Plan

  • Complete all General Education, minor, and double-major requirements

  • Complete undergraduate Cyber Operations Core Curriculum (27 units)

  • Complete undergraduate Cyber Operations, Law & Policy Emphasis curriculum (15 units)

  • Complete LAW Core Curriculum at the 500-level (12 units double-count toward the BAS in Cyber Operations, Law & Policy Emphasis and MLS) – can be taken after completing 90 units:

    • LAW 501 – Procedure

    • LAW 502A – American Common Law I

    • LAW 502B – American Common Law II

    • LAW 504 – American Public Law

  • Remaining units required for completion of MLS: 18 graduate units of College of Law courses, including LAW 507 Legal Research and Writing (for a total of 30 units to complete the MLS).

*If students complete 3 units of a graduate-level internship or coursework over the summer or winter session, they can complete their MLS by taking the remaining 15 units in one semester.

Application Procedures & Deadlines

Students may apply once they have completed 75 undergraduate credit hours, and may start taking 500-level courses toward MLS credit once they have completed 90 credit hours.

  • Applications for Fall admission are due Aug. 1 (June 1 for international applicants).
  • Applications for Spring admission are due Dec. 15 (Oct. 22 for international applicants).
  • Go here for application instructions.  Please note that applicants to this Accelerated Master’s program must submit at least one letter of recommendation from a member of the College of Applied Science & Technology Cyber Operations Program.

Program Requirements & Policies

Key Contacts

Mark L.M. Blair
Associate Director, Master of Legal Studies Program; Undergraduate Law Program

Phone: 520-626-8575
Email Mark L.M. Blair

Keith Swisher
Professor of Legal Ethics; Director, BA in Law and Master of Legal Studies Programs

Phone: 520-626-8373
Email Keith Swisher