2023 Clinic Fair

The Spring 2023 Clinic Fair will take place on Monday, March 13, 2023 from 11:45 am-1:00 pm in the main lobby of the Law Building

Applications are open until March 17, 2023.

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Learn about the clinical opportunities that will be available to you next semester. Hear what current students have to say about their experiences, learn about the application process and ask the Directors questions about the clinics.

Child and Family Law Clinic

Provide advice and legal representation to children and adults in a variety of family law matters related to child protection, domestic violence, and child custody disputes. Watch the Child and Family Law Clinic informational video.
Child and Family Law Clinic materials

Only open to JD students

Civil Rights Restoration Clinic

Gain theoretical and practical exposure to the problems faced by persons previously convicted of criminal offenses. 
Civil Rights and Restoration Clinic materials 

Open to JD, MLS, and BA in Law students

Community Immigration Law Placement Clinic

Provide legal representation to immigrants from countries all around the world. Watch Community Immigration Law Placement Clinic informational video. 
Community Immigration Law Placement Clinic materials 

Open to JD and MLS students

Criminal Defense Clinic

Work with various indigent defense agencies in Pima County, directly representing indigent clients
Criminal Defense Clinic materials 

Only open to JD students

Criminal Prosecution Clinic

Serve as a Certified Limited Practice Student focusing on prosecution, in one of the prosecutorial offices in the Tucson area, or with permission of director, in other cities during the summer. 

Criminal Prosecution Clinic materials

Only open to JD students

Gender Justice Workshop

Provides an experiential learning opportunity for students to engage with contemporary issues in gender equality and women’s right’s law by conducting research and systemic change projects.

Gender Justice Workshop materials 

Education Advocacy Law Clinic 

Education Advocacy Law materials

Open to BA in Law and MLS students

Federal Criminal Defense Clinic

Federal Criminal Defense Clinic materials 

Only offered in the Spring semester. Only open to JD students

UA Innocence Project

Dedicated to freeing people who are in prison for crimes they did not commit, training law students, and reforming the justice system to prevent future wrongful convictions.

Innocence Project materials 

Innovation for Justice

The Innovation for Justice (i4J) program exposes students to the justice gap, engages students in thinking critically about the power of technology and innovation to close that gap, and empowers students to be disruptive problem-solvers in the changing world of legal services. 
Innovation for Justice materials 

International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop

Participate in cases and advocacy projects focusing on petitions and initiatives with substantial international human rights dimensions involving Indigenous peoples. Click here to learn more about the International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop's support for the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples. 

International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop materials

Please note that the International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop is a one-year clinic. Applications will be accepted in Spring for the following academic year.

Intellectual Property Clinic

Counsel startup and ongoing businesses on securing, maintaining, and protecting their intellectual property rights, including rights in patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights. 

Intellectual Property Clinic materials 

Only open to JD students

Judicial Externships

Work and interact with judges and their staff in chambers. Gain insight into the legal system, develop legal skills and professional behavior, and demonstrate your ability to work with a supervisor and demonstrate self-direction.

Judicial Externship materials 

Natural Resource Use and Management Clinic

Work on matters pertaining to water, endangered species, public lands, climate change, tribal lands and resources, and the myriad natural resource challenges that exist in Arizona and the American West. This clinic operates in partnership with other University of Arizona units such as the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Cooperative Extension program. Please contact professor Sundareshan at priya@arizona.edu

Natural Resource Use and Management Clinic materials 

Open to JD and MLS students

Tribal Justice Clinic

Serve tribes throughout the Southwest, North America and the world as a tribal judicial clerk, write amicus briefs, develop legal strategies and work beside criminal defenders and tribal prosecutors in courtroom settings
Tribal Justice Clinic materials 

Open to JD and MLS students

Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic

Assist current and former military service members and their families with legal issues, including representing these individuals before local Veterans Treatment Courts and on administrative cases. You will also work on policy issues relating to military service.
Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic materials 

Open to JD and MLS students

Workers' Rights Clinic

The Workers Rights Clinic, in its current form, will not be a clinical option after the 2022-2023 academic year. We are, however, working on being able to offer students for fall 2023 semester – experiential opportunities in the area of im/migrant labor/employment rights. If you would like to be notified of these future opportunities, please email Carol Lee Taylor, caroltaylor@arizona.edu.

Workers' Rights Clinic materials 

Yaqui Human Rights Project 

Actively assist the director as counsel to the Traditional Authorities of the Rio Yaqui Pueblos for their Inter-American Commission on Human Rights petition and related efforts to protect and support Yaqui traditional lands, water rights, community public health and economic development. Yaqui Human Rights Project materials

Open to JD and MLS students