Program Details

The Master of Laws (LLM) degree at the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) Program allows students who have completed a Juris Doctor or LL.B. the opportunity to specialize in federal Indian law, tribal law and policy, and Indigenous peoples’ human rights through a full-time, two-semester program requiring 24 credit hours of coursework.

IPLP’s LLM trains students to be specialists through rigorous research and advocacy work. LLM graduate students receive professional training to address the complex issues facing Indigenous peoples today, allowing them to develop a proficiency in fields like federal Indian law, Indigenous peoples’ human rights advocacy, environmental law, Indigenous community and economic development, the protection of cultural and natural resources, and critical race theory and practice.

IPLP faculty engages students in human rights advocacy projects and litigation on behalf of Indigenous peoples. Our faculty and students have represented the Rio Yaqui of Mexico, Maya of Belize, the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group of Canada, and other Indigenous and tribal communities in human rights cases and petitions with far-ranging, international reach and impact. For students interested in academic careers, IPLP allows you to conduct pioneering research under the guidance of leading scholars within their respective fields.


Course Requirements

The LLM program is designed to provide those who have completed a law degree with a specialization in federal Indian and Indigenous peoples’ law through a full-time, two-semester program requiring 24 credit hours of coursework. Students in the program must successfully complete Federal Indian Law and International Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples. Additionally, international students must complete Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research and Introduction to the U.S. Legal System.

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IPLP graduates are developing new legal strategies to advance the rights of Indigenous communities around the world and are conducting pioneering research in the field of Indigenous rights. They hold important policy-making positions in governments, the UN, and other international organizations. Join the growing movement of legal advocates, scholars, and policy-makers promoting the rights of Indigenous’ communities across the world.

Key Contact

Justin Boro
Assistant Director, Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program
Email: justinboro1986@email.arizona.edu
Office Number: RH 305
Office Phone: (520) 626-9224