University of Arizona Law

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Juris Doctor (JD)

Your legal education will teach you to “think like a lawyer,” honing your analytical skills, developing better critical thinking, and acquiring the professional skills you need no matter where your education takes you.

University of Arizona Law offers a mix of qualities no other school can match: a small, top-ranked program in the heart of a nationally acclaimed university, exceptional employment outcomes, the most global JD program in the country, and the chance to spend your law school years in Tucson, a cool, eclectic city with a diverse population of nearly one million people that was just named the #4 best city for millennials by Money magazine.

The Arizona Law Student

  • You have something to say and a passion for making a difference.
  • You want a program that values your experience and individuality.
  • You bring more to law school than just good grades and a high LSAT score.
  • You’re ready for a rigorous, challenging, but fulfilling education.

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University of Arizona Law studentI applied to Arizona Law because I was impressed with its reputation for helping graduates find jobs that actually require a JD, and because it has a fantastic student-to-professor ratio.

But with such an important decision at stake, I wasn’t completely convinced until I visited the campus. Arizona Law is a famously collegial law school, but you don’t fully appreciate what that means until you experience it firsthand. It's a different atmosphere than I expected to find at a top-tier law school.

That first impression has held true throughout my time here. For instance, when I missed class because my son was sick, I had class notes waiting in my inbox from three different classmates before I even had a chance to ask! I am grateful every day that I chose to come here. Frankly, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

—Kate Hollist, Class of 2016