TechLaw Fellowships


University of Arizona Law is the only law school with a full-tuition scholarship program dedicated to students with science and technology backgrounds. This opportunity is reserved for high-performing students with a STEM undergraduate degree or significant work experience in a STEM position.

TechLaw Fellowship Benefits

  • A full-tuition scholarship to the University of Arizona Law JD program
  • A $10,000 supplemental cash stipend distributed as $5,000 during your second year of study and $5,000 during your third year of study at University of Arizona Law
  • Exclusive employment opportunities with our panel of TechLaw employers
  • A formal program of study—guided by a dedicated faculty advisor for each fellow—including an introductory course in Tech Policy, Privacy Law, or Innovation for Justice in spring of your first year, as well as upper level law-and-business-of-technology courses including tech policy, cyberlaw, privacy, innovation for justice, health law, and MIS. 
  • A dedicated faculty mentor and an assigned external mentor who works in law and technology
  • Special programming at the intersection of law, business, and science throughout the University of Arizona such as: 
    • the monthly Space Business Roundtable,
    • the work of the Intellectual Property Clinic and the Innovation for Justice initiative at the College of Law, and
    • the McGuire Center of Entrepreneurship at the Eller College of Management

TechLaw Fellowships may be offered in addition to tuition scholarships.

How to Apply

The deadline to apply for the TechLaw Fellowship Application has passed. 

  1. Apply to University of Arizona Law
  2. Apply to be interviewed for a TechLaw Fellowship (only admitted students will be considered for interviews)

If selected to interview for a TechLaw Fellowship, we will provide you with:

  • Full transportation to visit University of Arizona Law for the TechLaw Fellowship Interview program. This includes round-trip coach airfare for admits outside of Arizona and reimbursement of mileage for those in-state.
  • Hotel accommodations for two nights
  • Meals

The TechLaw Fellowship is a three-year program, and due to its structure is not available to candidates applying via the Advanced Admissions for Non-U.S. Lawyers path.

If you have questions about the TechLaw Fellowship, please contact us at or (520) 621-3477.