TechLaw Fellowships


University of Arizona Law is the only law school with a full-tuition scholarship program dedicated to students with science and technology backgrounds. This opportunity is reserved for high-performing students with a STEM undergraduate degree or significant work experience in a STEM position.

TechLaw Fellowship Benefits

  • A full-tuition scholarship
  • A $10,000 supplemental cash stipend distributed as $5,000 during your second year of study and $5,000 during your third year of study at University of Arizona Law
  • Exclusive employment opportunities with our panel of TechLaw employers
  • A formal program of study—guided by a dedicated faculty advisor for each fellow—including an introductory course in Tech Policy, Privacy Law, or Innovation for Justice in spring of your first year, as well as upper level law-and-business-of-technology courses including tech policy, cyberlaw, privacy, innovation for justice, health law, and MIS. 
  • A dedicated faculty mentor and an assigned external mentor who works in law and technology
  • Special programming at the intersection of law, business, and science throughout the University of Arizona such as: 
    • the monthly Space Business Roundtable,
    • the work of the Intellectual Property Clinic and the Innovation for Justice initiative at the College of Law, and
    • the McGuire Center of Entrepreneurship at the Eller College of Management

TechLaw Fellowships may be offered in addition to tuition scholarships.

How to Apply

TechLaw Fellowship Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2020

  1. Apply and be accepted to University of Arizona Law
  2. Apply to be interviewed for a TechLaw Fellowship 

The TechLaw Fellowship is a three-year program, and due to its structure is not available to candidates applying via the Advanced Admissions for Non-U.S. Lawyers path.

If selected to interview for a TechLaw Fellowship, we will provide you with:

  • Full transportation to visit University of Arizona Law for the TechLaw Fellowship Interview program. This includes round-trip coach airfare for admits outside of Arizona and reimbursement of mileage for those in-state.
  • Hotel accommodations for two nights
  • Meals

If you have questions about the TechLaw Fellowship, please contact us at or (520) 621-3477.