For the Record: Philanthropy Awards, Expert Insight on ChatGTP, Transnational Litigation and Corporate Accountability, LGBTQ+ Youth and the Child Welfare System and More

May 31, 2023

Catch up on recent University of Arizona Law faculty accomplishments.

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Silverman Receives Arizona Bar Foundation Philanthropy Award 

Professor Emeritus of Law Andrew Silverman has received the Arizona Bar Foundation’s John J. Bouma Philanthropy Award for demonstrating an understanding of the importance and commitment to raising support for justice in Arizona. More about Silverman’s work and the award here.  

Bambauer Published in Journal of Free Speech Law  

Professor of Law Derek Bambauer article Authorbots, co-authored with University of Arizona Department of Computer Science Professor Mihai Surdeanu, will publish in volume 3 of the Journal of Free Speech Law.  

Sepe Writes on Culture of Fragility  

Professor of Law and Finance Simone Sepe authored a web-exclusive article titled “Culture of Fragility,” for First Things, a journal of religion and public life. Sepe writes how he has noticed a new “culture of fragility among fellow academics in recent years, which he believes “stifles open dialogue and hinders collective decision-making” threatening educators' ability to prepare students to navigate the complexities of reality. 

Dubovec Discusses Factoring in the UAE on Trade Finance Talks Podcast 

Marek Dubovec, director at the International Law Institute and professor of practice, spoke to the Trade Finance Global podcast titled “Trade Finance Talks” to break down the intricacies of factoring, a financial transaction in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount,  and to provide an overview of the UAE law. Listen to the podcast here.  

Sklar Speaks at Healthy Aging Summit 

The University of Arizona hosted its second annual Innovations in Healthy Aging Summit where scholars and other regulatory, practitioner, research, and administrative stakeholders in the aging field discussed cutting-edge collaborative research on the needs of older adults. Tara Sklar, University of Arizona Law faculty director for health law and policy, was a featured speaker who helped kick off the summit. 

Puig Organizes Seminar on Transnational Litigation and Corporate Accountability 

Evo DeConcini Professor of Law Sergio Puig, along with high-level speakers from Mexico and the United States, gathered for a seminar that addressed the implications of a case brought by the Mexican government in Arizona federal court for the future of gun control policy. Topics discussed included issues of the U.S. court system and gun control, transnational responsibility at the U.S. - Mexico border, and new models for corporate accountability. Other University of Arizona Law professors also spoke at the event including Professor Jane Bambauer and Dean Marc Miller

Clairmont and Kafka Present at Pima County Bench and Bar Spring Program 

On May 22, Legal Paraprofessional Program Coordinator Kristy Clairmont and Assistant Director of the BA in Law and Master of Legal Studies Program Linus Kafka, presented at the Pima County Bench and Bar Spring Program at the downtown Tucson Doubletree Hotel. The assembled panel provided updates from the bench on various areas of practice, including a segment on the BA in Law program and Legal Paraprofessional developments. The program brought together about 70 judges and lawyers. 

Blair Joins Webinar on LGBTQ+ Youth & the Child Welfare System 

On May 11, Professor of Law Jordan Blair Woods joined a panel organized by the Center of Excellence on LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Equity and the Global Health Justice Partnership on LGBTQ+ Youth. The event featured current research on the needs, issues, and structural barriers facing LGBTQ+ youth in the child welfare system. It also highlighted avenues for future research, improved care, and evidence-based advocacy to ensure LGBTQ+ youth have access to necessary care for thriving in natal or new family settings. 

Bublick Presents Article with Colleague, Former Law Student, at Brooklyn Law School  

Dan B. Dobbs Professor of Law Ellen Bublick was invited to a festschrift, a volume of writings by different authors presented as a tribute or memorial to a scholar, for Professor Aaron Twerski at Brooklyn Law School on April 20 and 21. She delivered a paper with former University of Arizona Law student and current colleague, Dr. Marvin Slepian. Their article is titled, Designing for Destruction: Building Reasonably Safe Products Based on the Foreseeable Risks Posed by Products Over Their Full Natural History

Coan’s Dobbs Essay Highlighted by Leading Constitutional Scholars  

Milton O. Riepe Chair in Constitutional Law Andrew Coan’s recent article “What Is the Matter with Dobbs?” received a strong recommendation from Julian Davis Mortenson, James G. Phillipp Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. Posted to SSRN this past December, the article argues that the appropriate response to decisions like Dobbs is to criticize the moral judgments underlying them. University of Minnesota Law School professor Alan Rozenshtein also endorsed the article, saying “Seriously, everyone should read this fabulous paper by Andrew Coan.” 


In the Media 

Ariz., Utah OK Nonlawyer Program For Housing Advice 
May 30, 2023 

A new legal service model from Innovation for Justice will aim to keep more low-income families in their homes has received approval from the Arizona and Utah supreme courts — which have waived restrictions on the unauthorized practice of law. Innovation for Justice Director Stacy Butler discusses the new Housing Stability Legal Advocate Initiative. 

Arizona court rules that marijuana convictions can be expunged 
AZ Big Media  
May 31, 2023 

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled prior convictions and arrests for the sale of marijuana are also eligible for expungement per the passage of Proposition 207 in 2020. The Civil Rights Restoration Clinic at University of Arizona Law helps organize the Reclaim Your Future campaign, which provides free resources and assistance related to people seeking expungement of their marijuana-related records. 

Colorado River states bought time with a 3-year water conservation deal – now they need to think bigger 
The Conversation 
May 26, 2023 

Regents Professor Emeritus Robert Glennon wrote for the Conversation following Arizona, California and Nevada’s agreement to reduce their use of Colorado River water over the next three years.  

Three states agree to reduce water usage so the Colorado River doesn’t go dry 
NBC News 
May 22, 2023 

The seven states that rely on the Colorado River for power and drinking water have reached a deal on cuts to keep the drought-stricken river flowing. Regents Professor Emeritus Robert Glennon weighs in.  

Patients are split on getting health care from artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence-powered medical treatment options are on the rise and have the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy. New findings from a University of Arizona study co-authored by Professor of Law Andrew Woods and Jess Findley, professor of practice and director of bar and academic success, however, show that most patients are not convinced the diagnoses provided by AI are as trustworthy as those delivered by human medical professionals. 

University of Arizona Innocence Project gets federal grant to expand its work 
KJZZ Phoenix: La Frontera 
May 4, 2023 

Vanessa Buch, director of University of Arizona’s Innocence Project (UAIP) and associate clinical professor, discusses the federal grant from the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance to expand UAIP's work. 

Almaden Announces Completion of Impact Assessments relating to the Ixtaca Project and Underlying Mineral Claim Area 
Globe Newswire 
May 1, 2023 

Almaden Minerals Ltd. announced the completion of a social impact assessment relating to the potential impacts caused by the grant of the Company’s Ixtaca mineral claims, and the completion of a human rights impact assessment that examines the potential impacts that could be caused if the Ixtaca project is developed in a manner consistent with the Ixtaca Feasibility Study This important exercise has involved extensive field work under the oversight of an independent Advisory Committee, which included Professor of Law and Director of the International Trade and Business Law Program Sergio Puig.  

Largest gun seizure of 2023 at U.S.-Mexico border in April, new data show 
Arizona Public Media  
May 18, 2023 

Author Ioan Grillo, who recently spoke at a recent event on arms trafficking, hosted by the Consulate of Mexico in Tucson and the University of Arizona College of Law, in collaboration with the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry, is quoted.  

Discriminatory Policy Pinned on Wall Should Shock All Prosecutors 
Bloomberg Law  

The revelation that a Florida prosecutor’s office had a policy to punish Hispanic defendants more harshly should be a moment of reckoning for prosecutors nationwide, argues University of Arizona Law’s Marc Miller along with co-authors from SMU and Emory Law Schools in a recent Bloomberg op-ed.