Tax Law & Policy

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Tax Law & Policy

“No other school in the country offers a program that gives you this kind of cross-disciplinary exposure to business and tax approaches and professionals.”   Professor Mona Hymel

The James E. Rogers College of Law and Eller College of Management bring to the University of Arizona a program (not offered at any other university) where law students interested in pursuing a career in taxation and master’s students majoring in taxation are brought together in a unique learning environment. 

Law students attend courses taught by the business tax faculty, and business students attend several tax courses taught by professors in the law school. These cross-academic experiences provide each discipline with insight that most tax professionals are not exposed to/confronted with until they enter the workplace.

Tax attorneys and tax accountants often work together in practice. This program offers each participant the opportunity to understand, through direct experience, the intricacies of each profession. Not only will you learn different styles and approaches to the study of tax law and practice, but you will have the chance to forge new relationships across disciplines. You will also meet experienced tax professionals in both fields.

The Tax Law and Policy Program also provides you with a number of “out of class” experiences. Meet and learn from practicing tax professionals from law, business and other professions that deal with tax law issues. In some cases, business students and law students may qualify for similar jobs. Such crossover, however, will lead to greater tax expertise as well as business acumen overall.

Both the law school faculty and the business school faculty believe that students who undertake the advantages afforded by this program will graduate with experience not typically attainable without some years of practice experience. The possibilities offered by this collaboration are significant. Particularly, during economic uncertainty, we offer you opportunities and experiences typically not available at this stage of development of a tax professional.

In addition to our innovative curriculum, the Tax Law and Policy program provides several other unique experiences for our students.

Key Contact

Mona L. Hymel
Arthur W. Andrews Professor of Law
Director, Tax Law & Policy Certificate Program

Phone: 520-621-3838
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